K'nex Throwing Knifes

Introduction: K'nex Throwing Knifes

Here is a way to make some K'nex throwing knifes.

Step 1: Making Them

Just follow these pictures.

Step 2: How to Throw

This will give you a basic idea of how to hold the knifes.



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    48 Discussions

    Super easy super cool

    this is just junk noting but junk and a waste of time

    nnnoooooooo knexguns ,knexknives, whats it going to be next knex tactical knife or a sword I like your idea but if i look in knex in this website its filled with GUNS!!!!!!!! AND VIOLANCE :(

    5 replies

    There are plenty of tactical/combat knives as well as swords, and you forgot crossbows, cannons, compound bows, grenades....