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This is magazine fed shotgun.

This gun has dual magazines, dual ramrods,
dual true triggers, and dual barrels!!

You pull the ram back and fire out 2 shots at once,
then you repeat until you have emptied the magazine!!

-Dual magazines
-Dual true triggers
-Dual ram rods
-Dual barrels
-Great range
-Fires oodammo
-Comfy fore grip
-Comfy handle
-Never Jams
-Looks Sick!!!!

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You know you want to push the button!!!!!

Also thankyou Oblivitus for making a trigger mod :)

Step 1: Warning.

 This is a highly advanced gun, it takes alot of skill to build and use it, unless you are a knexer. And you know who you are. TO sum it up, this gun is more advanced than other guns and it is not recommended for newer builders or even moderate builders. This is an advanced gun. 

Step 2: Handle and Trigger

How to build the Hell Slayer handle and dual trigger setup.
Read all the notes!

And check out Oblivitus's trigger mod on the last step :)

Step 3: Dual Barrel

This is how to build the Hell Slayer dual barrel.
Read all the notes!

Step 4: Knextion

Lol, Knextion. Make the connection of the handle with the dual barrel.
The connection is kind of hard to do. Feel free to remove parts in order to make the connection, just add the parts back on when you are done. Read all notes!

Step 5: The Dual Magazine

This is how to build the Hell Slayer dual oodammo magazine. This may be confusing. I am sorry.
Read all the notes. Good luck.

Step 6: Knextion Number 2

This is how to make the connection of the Hell slayer dual oodammo magazine to the barrel and handle. Read all notes!

Step 7: The AWESOME Foregrip

This is how to make the most comfortable foregrip on this site, and how to attach it to the Hell Slayer. Read all notes!

Step 8: Loading, Firing, Rubberbands, and Ram Rods

Any questions about how to fire or load the gun, just ask me in a comment. Or, if you want your question answered as soon as possible, ask your question in a private message.




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    3 years ago

    thanks we need a hell slayer hells the werst but i cant build to meny y clips


    5 years ago

    What do you think is your best gun?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    EPIC but i made the grip even more comfy and came up with mag
    pushers because it wasn't clear on how to put the bands on the mag.

    p.s. to mag even more comfy take off the big wheel and put to more little ones


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hmmmmm.....are the dual mags solidly attached to the gun? The way I see it, the mags could easily be plopped off.....

    can you post the movie because my parents restricted youtube... and all other sites besides instructables and webkinz(for my sister)

    KnexFreekFred the Penguin

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 8

    in the pics it is banded so it will fire like a shotgun only. I will take pics of them banded separately soon


    8 years ago on Step 8

    hmmm this mag is confuseing even when u explained it i stil dont understand