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    Wow, you made the EXACT same board they sell at elektronkit in kit form. They even have the EXACT same schematic that you used. What a coincidence.

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    no kidding, this is pathetic

    Yes It is!!!

    I figure maybe english isnt yourfirst languag, in which case I'm just too tired to help you out with spelling and grammar, or you just don't care.

    Isn't That Amazing!!!!

    I think there is a schematic in step two

    32 Led's in the picture and 9 in the schematic???? Where did the other Led's Go!! If this is your Design Give us a Circuit explanation,,,I'm Very Interested!!! Are you planning to sell your DESIGN in kit form???? I"m sorry to say but I"ve seen this in kit form for many many years now!!!

    Lie about "without a microcontroller" because then what do you call those silicon based drivers microchips microcontrollers DIPs PICs dsPIC atmega mega... ect. without a microcontroller you would use only resistors transistors potentiometers buttons leds diodes transformers... ect. you do not need anything other then these basic parts for it to not have a microcontroller. It does not necessarily to be a PIC (Programmable Integrated Circuit) because it could be a logic chip or any other microcontroller like a DIP, which you are using. It would only be a microcontrollerless circuit if you use a series of relays and other components listed above. Good luck! I hope I gave you some valuable information. :)

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    Nice Explanation,,,I couldn't do it better myself!!!

    microcontrollers are small chip computer systems

    a 555 timer is analogue and can be replicated with resistors and transistors, the 4017 is a logic gate and again can be made with basic parts

    so it appears you have integrated circuit and micro controller lumped in the same batch, but that is not true, you do not program a 4017, it does not run software, and likewise your not going to make an ATMEGA with a couple transistors

    I like the PCB board..........


    7 years ago

    Nice did u make the board by ur self.

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    yep i made the board myself check out the video and rate