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Introduction: LEGO Skylab

About: I AM THE LOVER OF ALL LEGO SPACE SETS! Yes, I'll admit, I am sort of obsessed with spacey stuff. It runs in the family, I guess. My dad is a former NASA engineer. Anywho, if you would like to do me a favor... …

In this instructable, I will show you how to make America’s first space station, Skylab!

Step 1: The Hall

In pic 1, you’ll see what you’ll need for the hall. Then, you’ll see in pic 2 how to make the hall.

Step 2: The Thrusters

In pic 1, you’ll see what you need for the thrusters. Then, you'll see how to put it together in pics 2-3. BTW, the reason why I am not writing instructions on how to put it together is because it would take me a veeeerry long time to describe the pieces.

Step 3: The Attachment

Here, you’ll put the thrusters at the bottom of the hall.

Step 4: The Entrance Hall

Here, we’ll build the hall in which astronauts enter to the main hall. In pic 1, you’ll see what u need. Then, in the next few pics, you’ll see how to put it together.

Step 5: The Attachment

Now you’ll see how to put the entrance hall onto the main hall in the picture above.

Step 6: The Propeller Thingy.

In pic 1, here’s what you’ll need. And just as before, you’ll see how to put it together in the next few pictures.

Step 7: The Attachment

Now, we’ll attach the propeller thingy with the entrance hall.

Step 8: The Solar Panel

Now the solar panel! You’ll see what you’ll need in pic 1. And then you’ll see how to put it together in pic 2. And then, you’ll see how to attach it to the main hall in pic 3.

Step 9: The Golden Thingy

Again, in pic 1, this is what you’ll need. In pic 2, this is how you’ll put it together. And in pic 3, this how you’ll attach it to the main hall.

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