Label EMSA Galerie Spice Glasses

The well known series for spice glasses, named "Galerie" from EMSA has a little downside. If you want to make your own labels, especially for single glasses that come blank, you need the correct font so your glasses still look like they belong together - it's a series, isn't it?

Unfortunately the manufacturer won't tell us the font name and size.

But some recherches in the wide world of fonts gives us a good solution.

Step 1: Install Font Horatio Light

The font on the spice glasses is Horatio Light, designed by Letraset. A free variant of this font can be found over here:

Horatio Light at

(Instructions for Windows only)

Download the zip-file and extract it somewhere. In the file-explorer rightclick on the font-file (horatiodlig.ttf) and choose "Install" from the context-menu.

Step 2: Edit the Label in Inkscape

With the open-source Program Inkscape (can be downloaded here) I've made an SVG-File to create the labels in the correct size and spacing adjusted already.

If you print it on a brother P-Touch 2430PC printer, with transparent 12mm tape and black ink the resulting label will exactly look like the original ones.

P.S.: With this font you can label the bigger storage containers from EMSA. You just need to adjust the font-size and spacing and you'll need a bigger tape (e.g. 24mm).



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    2 years ago

    The link for the font has changed: