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Someone gave me a old paint ball gun that did not work, so I created this. I hope you enjoy it but be careful ad do not aim it at peoples eyes, also, if you hurt someone it is not my fault. But if you take my idea and get rich, be a nice person and give me some money.

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Step 1: Materials+Tools

You will need a :
Laser pointer
Paintball gun handl
Fishing line
Scrap wood
Screw (optional)
For the gun and a/some :
Hot glue gun
Drill (and a bit a little bit wider than the width of your laser pointer)
Saw (jigsaw will work, or, but not limited to a hand saw)
Glue (super or hot)
To make it.

Step 2:

First you need to cut your wood to your desired design. Mine was not to unique.

Step 3:

Cut (with a dremel) a groove a little thicker than the fishing string. It should also be slanted up. The groove needs to be cut in the peice of metal that goes DOWN when you pull the trigger.

Step 4:

Drill two holes, one to act as a barrel, and the other to act as a "trigger". The trigger hole should be above the groove you cut.

Step 5:

Cut out a groove behind and in front of the "trigger" hole.

Step 6:

Tie a loop in the string and then glue it to the laser trigger.

Step 7:

Pull the string through the "trigger" hole and then push the laser into it. Test the laser and if it goes out of the barre, hot glue it down.

Step 8:

Lay the body an inch over the handle. Put the string in the groove. Pull it through top of the handle and push the body down. Then glue it. Then if you want stonger, recomended, screw it in place.

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