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Introduction: Leather Key Holster

A fun easy little project I made for a fellow in Texas.

I wanted it to be both practical and fun.

First I wanted to make it look like a gun holster, only smaller, yet large enough to hold the keys he normally carried. Luckily he didn't carry a mass of keys like I do.

Make sure it was made to be clipped on the correct side, he wanted it for the left side.

Then personalize it using the initials for his geocache name.

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Step 1: Cut Leather and Stamp

First I cut the shape out and fit the belt clip in place.

Stamped the out line of the pattern and initials ( leather should be damp to do this. Looks dry, feels cool to touch)

Filled in with a basket weave stamp working around the initials.

Stained the leather "Saddle Tan" and sealed it.

Step 2: Sew Thats Awl

Fasten the belt clip, put in the snap.

Sew the side and rivet the end points for strength at the wear and tear stress points.

Tie a key ring in the middle of a piece of leather lace.

Thread the ends through the holster and out the bottom hole, Tie a knot in the ends so they can't go back through the hole.

Ready to put your keys on.

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, I made this a few years ago as one of my first projects. It was very well received by the new owner too. I like projects that are easy fun and practical and this one qualified on all three accounts.