Lego Key Holder




Introduction: Lego Key Holder

This is a very cool looking key holder for your wall. You can order the parts with Lego pick a brick. You need

  • 1x plate 8x16
  • 4x corner plates 1x2x2
  • 2x plates 1x3
  • 10x plates 1x2
  • 1x plate 1x1
  • 4x technics brick 1x4 with holes
  • (1x spider)

Step 1: Build

  • build the key holder according to the video/picture
  • mount it on the wall (e.g. double sided tape)



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    3 Discussions

    you could also drill out one of the holes in the corners and then screw it to the wall and then cover the screws with a larger brick for more strength

    Great idea! This would be great to hand out to young kids as a housewarming gift.

    Very nice! The spider is essential, no?

    Great, simple project. Thank you for sharing this!