Line 6 Spider 3 15-30 Watt Settings Part 1

This is for the beggeiners out there who need a different setting rather than low 10 mid 10 and high 10. so this is all for you pepole who need help with that.

I've been a proud line 6 owner for three years now and they havent let me down

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Step 1: Tips and Tricks

There are some things you need to know before I tell you this stuff

1. Look at the yellow square on the left that plus means distortin boost you can enable this by holding the TAP button and turning the distortion past 12'0 clock.

2. Look at the yellow square on the right this amp has a noise gate in it all you have do to enable that is hold the TAP button and turn the echo and reverb knob past 12'0 clock.

3.and one more thing if I don't put any thing on the reverb and delay when there is a N on it that means that it's off as in no reverb or delay. and I will put an X if you don't do any thing with it.

The reason that there is no settings on this one is because this is just to so the symbols

Step 2: Acoustic / Folk Guitar

this setting is great for acoustic songs like pink floyds "Wish you were here", and white stripes "Hotel Yorba"

Step 3: Grunge

this is one of my favoirte settings perfect for the heavy distorted parts of Nirvanas songs

Step 4: Chunky Metal

One word G.W.A.R

Step 5: Fat Solo

this setting is perfect for the solo of the motley crue version of a parnoid

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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Hey .. got a question, what if none of the channels are working, when you push the button there are no lights and the sound stays the same, same thing with the "tap delay time". Already tried reseting nothing happend ... is there a way to fix that... thank you


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I picked this amp up for 40 bucks at a local pawn shop and thanks to you I feel like I found a treasure! Thanks for the great post!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Even for "beggeiners" it would help to have more words than "look at the pic". That is a bit of explanation as to what this does to the sound, what things sound like. What does "don't do any thing with it" mean as compared to off? The DRIVE knob doesn't have a spot on it in 3 images, and that's marked with a + which is undefined? L

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Introduction

    awww...i was hoping for something along the lines of being able to set the amp to 11