Little Wooden Screwdriver

Introduction: Little Wooden Screwdriver

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A little wooden screwdriver. A quick and easy lathe project and a great gift.

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Step 1: Part One

You will need a small piece of wood roughly 1 1/4" x 3".

Find the centre and drill a hole large enough to accept the magnetic bit holder you have.

Epoxy the bit holder into the hole and allow to dry.

Wrap the bit in masking tape to protect it while in the chuck.

Step 2: Part Two

Using a Jacobs chuck in the head stock grip the bit holder and bring up the tail stock for support.

Turn the desired shape for you screwdriver handle and decorate as you wish. I went for burning some lines into grooves with a wire.

Once the end has been rounded over, bring the tail stock back up with a small block so as to not mark the handle.

It is good to have tail stock pressure when turning with something gripped in a Jacobs chuck to help stop the chuck trying to escape the head stock.

Apply your finish of choice and the jobs done.

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