Lynx Flash Drive Hack




I have seen a lot of hidden flash storage i decided to do my own. Have you ever wanted to be like a spy? Did you ever want to give your friend some secret information without attracting a lot of attention? Well now you can! with the flash drive deodorant can!

What you will need:

A flash drive (any capacity, its up to you)

Masking tape, or any other paper-based tape with reasonable strength

A lynx click can (has to be a click can and not an old style lynx can)

An a usb to usb adaptor (or a usb to whatever you want adaptor)

some sort of knife or puncturing or cutting tool

cotton balls

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Step 1: Removal of Cap

you must remove the cap of the deodorant can...simply pull it off with your hands, a bit of force should make it pop right off

Step 2: Cut Out Top Top of Can

Make sure before you put ANY punctures in the can that ALL of the pressure has been released! the can must be COMPLETELY empty as in you can't hear any gas coming out of it al all empty...i can't stress this enough guys, if you do this step wrong you might end up hurting yourselves and i take no responsibility for anything you do that results in your injury or death...nor does unilever (maker of lynx). After all pressure has been released you must cut out the part shown in the image by repeatedly pucturing it.

Step 3: Removal of Tube

Simply remove the middle section with the tube attatched....very easy step :P

Step 4: Attatching the Adapter to the Flash Drive

Basically all you have to do is plug the adapter into the flash drive and wrap them in tape until the are hard to bend and flex and until they are thick enough to fit snugly in the opening of the can. But don't put it in the can YET

Step 5: Filling the Can and Inserting Flash Drive

In order prevent the flash drive and adapter from falling into the can when pressure is applied to them...the can must be 1 third to half filled with cotton balls. Just put enough cotton balls in so that the flash drive isn't pushing out by them and it doesnt fall into the can, the sticky tape wrapped around the flash drive and adapter should catch onto the jagged edges of the opening which will also increase stability.

Step 6: Removal of Duct

There is a duct in the cap where the deodorant would normally come out must be removed on order for the flash drive+adaptor to fit underneath the cap should be grey. It is not difficult to remove you should be able to do it with your finger but if not use a tool like a screw driver or knife to remove it.

Step 7: You're Done!

just put the cap back on and you have your very own hidden flash storage within a deodorant can :P there are many different ways you could do this...and you could even improve it! now go put your new device to work!

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    it does look like it says lynx on it in one of the photos, its the same brand though - its just called axe in some countries and lynx in others.

    Jack Danielsxeonfuze

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    same layout just a little taller both are great but most people don't need a full tower these days i run 4 500 sata in raid 0 (largest at the time buying 2 seagate 2tb this month) and even i don't need full tower space i'm upgrading to an !7 system soon as my taxes come back am much psyched

    xeonfuzeJack Daniels

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    haha sweet....i am probabaly only going to get 1x 1TB because i wouldn't use any more than that anyway...and i am happy with my q6600 2.4ghz :] and YES raidmax have some nice cases, so do NZXT if you havent looked ta NZXT you should check em out