MacGyver Tricks Any1?




here are some simple triks and preperations to become a MacGyver of your own

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Step 1: Tool Up

the first and formost thing to becoming a MiniMac is to get the right tools.
most things are light and cheap.

1. a plier multitool= either a gerber, leatherman or SOG multitool, the others are to cheap and break with a simple task. (i use a leatherman juice s2... the only one without a worthless quark screw.)

2. A good (pocket) knife= now i dont mean a $500 knife but a good one. buck, gerber, SOG, or Kershaw, or the traditional swiss army knife. Now a good base is to check the metel content and how solid the knife is. I have had good luck with bucks like the Pilot wich is like 13 bucks from cabelas. I say away from the swiss army beacuse they lose a edge fast, also the pocket clip on other knifes are nice.

3. random strps of metel= this is pretty much a option but i keep small allen wrenches and some strips of metel for .....lockpicking..... (dont think less of me i use it only for good) and i have some wound thin wire.

Step 2: UPGRADE Pants

Now this may be funny but ull need other pants. any cargo pants work beacuse you will need the space for comfort reasons and places to put stuff to keep it seperate. i picked up a cheap pair of shorts for 8 bucks and a pair of pants for 10 bucks

Step 3: Stuff to Make Mac Proud

ok this is the helpful stuff

DUCT TAPE= the best invention EVER. i make small flat rolls to put in my pocket for use. i pick up the tape from walmart its 4 bucks for a huge roll and 8 bucks for a roll or INDUSTRIAL STRENGH duct tape . that stuff is HARDCORE. i sugest gettin some. Has saved my @** so many times.

zip ties= next best to duct tape. i get bags of 100 of em for 3bucks from biglots and u can get em from biglots.

Paracord= this stuff is awsome. get it from walmart sportsmens wharehouse or ebay. It is relly strong rope. it is good beacuse it has like 8 smaller strands in the main body. imagian the ossibilities. this stuff gets me out of alot of ****. I roll a bit up and put some duct tape around it.

a lighter= if you cant think of a use for it think burning the ends of the paracord. or many other things

super glue= goo stuff too i get it from biglots for 1 buck for 2 plastic droppers (.10oz) and its safe to keep in ur pockets.

throwing star?= i made one from apeice of metal and have to much fun with ir to get rid of it.

pocket flashlight= there are alot of good small keychain flashlights. i use a gerber tempo. its bright has a led and uses 1 AAA battery so its cheap to use. got it for $10 from sports authority.

cellphone= mac would have loved em no reccomendations here

rubber bands= just think.

Step 4: Applying

now for a trick to thinking like mac. if you find a problem think whats wrong. work your way from the broken thing to the output/input and you will find the problem. another thing is to think what the problem is and how you can fix it with anything, then think what you have to replace that anything. then fix problem.

Step 5: Tricks

all these actually work

1. fix a fuse by wrapping it with a gum wraper shiny side down

2. fix a broken electrical wire by twisting wires together and taking the outer part of the paracod and burning it to shrink wrap.

3.make a primitive gas mask by putting a cloth in bakeing soda and water then breathing through it.

4.sharpen a knife in the feild, find a air of sissors and pull knife through closed blades at the right angle, or find a rough rock and a smooth rock. sharpen like on a wetstone using spit to lube move from rough to smooth and finish on a peice of leather or on a leather belt. or you can take one of the pink stick erasers and cut a "V" notch in it. Put the blade in it and squeeze the eraser then ull the knife through.

5. make a needle to sew things. take a peice of wire and rub the tip on a rock, then super glue the thread (or a thread from the middle of paracord) to the blunt end then tie a knot at the other end of the thread, then sew away.

6. turn sea water to fresh water. grab a emergency poncho and cut at seams. then dig a hole and line it with one side of the poncho. take a small cup or container and place in the middle of the hole. then pour saltwater into poncho (not cup) and throw in some foilage. place the other part of poncho over the hole and seal edges with sand or dirt. then place a small stone right over the cup on the poncho. leave and come back later and drink the water in the cup.

7. blow up a lightbulb. this is fun. take a cold liquid and spray it on a hot lightbulb and it explodes.

8. make a easy slingshot. take a knife and cut off the top of a gatoraid bottle and put a balloon around the opening ( the cap area) and put a rubber band around to secure. then put in a small stone or a nut and pull back and realese.

9.break a window. this is dangerous but awsome. take of one of your socks and put it on your hand then hold your clodes knife or multitool with the smaller side towards the window. then use a downward motion hitting in the middle of the pane and then sweepaway glass fragments with socked hand and break of any risidual glass.

10. break a lock mac style. Take a keyed masterlock (or like lock) get a canister of liquid butane and push nossil into lock and spray for 3 seconds then hit with hammer or shoe, repeat until lock opens. (warnign will destroy lock lol)

11. destroy a gun. will ruin the thing DO NOT TRY UNLESS LIFE IS IN DANGER FROM GUN. take the gun and open the action (slide) and put alot of superglue in the place where the slide goes when closed. close the action then put a flathead screwdriver inside the barrel and scrape around inside this will ruin the rifeling. then to top things off super glue the trigger and put duct tape balls up the the clips area.

12. generate power. grab a electric motor and cut wires, put wires from motor to thing needding power (sorry dc electricitc devices only) glue a allen wrench to the end of the motor and then after glue dries spin allen wrench and it willcharge device.

This is as specific as i can be and if you want more i suggest buying the book pictured below

thats all for now hope u like it!.

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    "...without a worthless quark screw" by im-tux.

    Actualy it's a cork-screw. And, if Mac weren't such a coke sissy, he'd problably use it to open a common bottle of wine, soke some pieces of fruit (apple, peach, orange and lemon in the wine over-night. Next day he'd add half a bottle of 7Up and a pinch of cinamon.
    That's how "Sangria" is made. And it all started with that tool... ;-)

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    duct tape is like the force. it has a light side and a dark side and holds the universe together.

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    YES! Benchmade FTW! I have a Benchmade 710 that I love, but its probably more than most people would spend lol. For people here, I would reccomend a spyderco delica. $50, and it'll last you a very long time if looked after.


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    Love those Spyderco's. I haven't seen one for sale for a long time.