Made a Stool, Turned Out Cool!

Introduction: Made a Stool, Turned Out Cool!

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this is just a small derriere-shaped stool I made for my very tiny balcony.

about 13x10x7in -ish

Step 1: Materials

laser cutter

1/4in MDF (16x32 sheet)

the file(given)

Step 2: Laser Cut Your Parts

for the pattern I first cut out the black lines and then vector engraved the red and yellow lines. For the engraving I moved the bed further away to purposefully thicken the lines (I re-aligned the file by guess work). I preferred to use a more powerful setting for the red lines for effect.

Step 3: Assemble

the side panels fit together like linkin-logs with the tabs facing upwards, then fit the top. it was a very tight fit and I ended up scraping a bit off of the edges, but this way I didn't need any adhesive --- users choice.

then you're ready to sit anyplace you like!

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