Introduction: Make Your Own Portable Turrell Kit!

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This tutorial will help you make your own Turrell -- minus the lights (if you don't have a laser cutter and would like a pre-made kit please contact me and we may be able to set something up)

Step 1: Print Your Materials

you will need

5 sheets of MDF at 1/8in 16x32.

a laser cutter (about 30-45min)

the files can be found here you'll need to print 1&2 twice

note* you will have extras of the small parts, and will have both spiked and flat versions of the legs.

Step 2: Assemble!

It helps if you begin with two of the table top pieces and rotate around. add the stopper into the slot for a doubly tight hold. latch all four sides. be sure that the side with the extra holes is the top.

Step 3: Assemble Legs

start with one and then make sure you heave it sturdily on the ground. Once that has been completed, do the opposing sides and lastly fill in the other two, this does take some balance, if you want things to be easier (but less portable) you can glue the legs beforehand, or not use the triangular supports.

Step 4: View!

now your Turrell should be ready to view, just stick your head beneath and watch. LED light stands can be used to add color if desired.

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