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Introduction: Make Automatic Cupboard Lightning Life Hack

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This was made by me a year ago , but a few days back the LED strip started slipping from the Rod so I thought of making a instructable of it when I fixed it .

NOTE : This was made by waste parts or salvaged parts

The main thing to notice here is that the LED strip is not visible , but only the light is !

Step 1: Gather Material and Parts

1. Led strip around 2m
2. Copper wires for LED
3. Bump switch ( Salvage from old food mixers )
4. Electirc grade Wire
5. LED Power Supply 12V , 3W

6. A cylindrical rod ( A round one won't work )

1. Double Sided Tape ( You don't need this if you buy a new LED strip )
2. Electric Tape

3. Solder Machine and wire

4. Cutter

Step 2: Circuit

This is very basic circuit suitable for beginners and people looking forward to lit up their clothes cupboard .
If you have a new LED strip , you can simply remove the tape from the back of it and stick it to the rod instead of using the double sided tape .
Connections :
1. Join the +ve from LED to bumper switch (NC -Normally Close position) .
2. Joint the -ve of LED to -ve of Power Supply .
3. Join the other bumper switch to Power supply to complete circuit .

NOTE : The wire I attach to in Bumper Switch is in Normally Close position that is when free it closes the circuit .

That is When Free , when the door is open .

Attach the LED to the back side of the rod so that it is not visible , giving the perfect ambience .

Step 3: Final AC Connections

I do not take any responsibility for your actions.
These connections should be done under proper supervision or by a technician !

Join the power supply to any plug at your home nearest to your cupboard .
I bypassed the switchboard to directly connect the power supply to Neutral and Phase .

Step 4: Thanks

Thanks for reading and If you make it do share it under in the comments !
If you liked it please press that little heart , means a lot to me and also Upvote in the Contest !

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    3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing, I'll be looking to do something like this in one of my cupboards sometime soon.


    Reply 3 years ago

    It's a pleasure ! Thank you .