Make Crayons With Baking Pans



Do you have lots of broken crayons that your kids don't use anymore?
With and oven and a baking pan you can make new crayons!

Step 1: Materials

Crayons (Broken or not)
Water to soak the crayons
Baking pans (muffins pans work well) or jello molds in fun shapes
(The rubber ones work the best as they are easier to pop out, IKEA has some fun shapes.)

Optional: Tin can (if you want layered crayons

Step 2: Make Crayons

Soak crayons in water and remove paper
Add crayons to pan or in tin can if making layers.
Place in oven at 225 degrees F
Watch as the crayons melt in 5 to 15 minutes (depends on the amount or crayons in each pan.)
Remove from oven (if in tin cans pour each color in the pan, allow 30 to 60 seconds between each color so layers do not mix.)
 Allows new crayon to cool completely.
Pop crayons out of pans and write!



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