Make a Helicopter Out of a Paper Clip




Introduction: Make a Helicopter Out of a Paper Clip

In this Instructable you will learn how to make a helicopter out of a paper clip. This is my first instructable.

Step 1: Gather Materials

1. a paper clip
2. a rubber band
3. masking tape
4. about 2-3 min

Step 2: Bend the Clip

Take the paper clip and bend the long edge so that it is straight. It doesn't have to be perfectly straight.

Step 3: Fold the Loop

Take the Paper clip then bend the inside loop so that it touches the end of the paper clip like in the picture.

Step 4: Attach the Tape

Hold the long straight end and at the very bottom and take about 2 inches of tape and fold the tape on the bottom.

Step 5: Let It Fly!

Take your new Helicopter and stick the loop into the rubber band and pull the helicopter back then let it fly!



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    31 Discussions

    So does this thing spin or something when you shoot it from a rubber band? I guess i will have to make one to find out.

    4 replies

    yeah, after you shoot it. while its coming down it's supposed to spin like one of those seeds from a tree

    A sycamore seed...

    Actually this project has some interesting little bits and variations, like a four bladed version (nature hasn't gotten that cool yet) also it could be a good kids project, where they have to make the slowest falling version they can...

    Shouts to kiteman, get your class on this one!

    Works awesomely... nice little thing to play with during the commercial of a movie or when you have absolutely nothing to do.

    no it doesn't. it actually scraps you finger and makes you bleed. it happened to me.


    all u gotta do is pull the tail back in the rubberband and let it go

    hey, did you think this one up by yourself? great minds think alike, or better minds steal....