Make a Light-Up Holiday Ornament

Introduction: Make a Light-Up Holiday Ornament

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Today we hope to inspire you to make your own light-up holiday ornament using items that you may already have.

We'll be using a Learn to Solder Skill Badge Kit as the basis for our ornament. You can pick one up for for the very reasonable price of $3 from Maker Shed

Once you have your badge kit or other electronics, a soldering iron, solder and craft supplies, you are ready to begin!

Step 1: Solder the Electronics

The first thing you'll want to do is solder your badge or electronics together. The badges we used are meant to be pinned to a shirt and they come with a brass tack that is supposed to be soldered but we left that part off.

Step 2: Test Your Electronics

At this point it is a good idea to test your electronics. Stick in the battery and make sure everything works before adding anything else to the pcb.

Step 3: Decorations!

Using a variety of craft supplies, decorate your soon-to-be holiday ornament. Here we are using pieces of soft, colored foam, colored construction paper, scissors and hot glue.

We have positioned the new facade so that the lights on the original badge become the eyes of the snowman. You could also use the same technique to make a Santa or reindeer. By only using one red LED on the badge, you could even make Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer!

Step 4: Show Off Your New Ornament!

Now that you're pretty much done, it's time to hang your new ornament on something suitable like a Christmas tree and show it off to all your family and friends. If you decide to make one, we'd love to see it so please share!

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