Make a Wallet From Scraps




Introduction: Make a Wallet From Scraps

How to make a two-pocket cloth wallet with two segments to fit credit cards, etc.

For these wallets I used spare material that I had lying around from previous projects. Making these are a great way to get rid of those bits of material that are too small for much else.

I used as a reference and basis for most of my measurements.

What you'll need:

-Roughly 2 sq ft of material
-Roughly the same amount of interfacing (I find the fusible easier to work with in this situation)
-Disappearing ink marker, or something that will easily was off the cloth
-Ruler and a sewing machine would be very useful

-Fabric glue
-Small piece of ribbon
-Needle and thread

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Step 1: Cutting Your Peices

Of the cloth:
-Cut one 5 x 8 and draw a line through the center, longways.
-Cut one 6 x 8
-Cut one 12 x 8 and draw a line through the center, whatever way is opposite of longways (my mind went blank)

Of interfacing;
-Cut one 2.5 x 8
-Cut one 6 x 8

Step 2: Attach Interfacing

Follow manufacturer instructions to attach the interfacing to the fabric.

-Attach the 2.5 x 8 interfacing on the wrong side, along the line you drew on the 5 x 8 piece of cloth.
-Attach the 6 x 8 interfacing to the 12 x 8 cloth

Step 3: Fold Over and Sew Hems

-Fold the cloth in half so the inside of cloth is concealed. You may want to pin this in place so it will hold.
-Then fold the raw edge up over that about a centimeter and sew in place to create a hem.

Hopefully the pictures will clear things up. Please let me know if they do not.

Step 4: Add the Credit Card Pockets

Take the piece that was the 12 x 8 and draw a line through the center.

Take the piece that was the 5 x 8, pin in on the line you just drew and sew together.

Draw a line down the center going the other direction, and sew along that line, starting at the bottom so that the tops of your pockets do not get hung up on the machine.

Step 5: Add Money Pocket

Flip the wallet over, and on top of where you just sewed the credit card pocket, pin and sew down the remaining piece of fabric without interfacing (with the clean edge up).

Step 6: Close Up Sides and Turn Right-side Out

Fold wallet in half longways so that the credit card pocket is on the inside.

Sew along the outer edges to close it up - don't forget to double-stitch these!

Cut off any excess material left on the edges.

Flip the wallet right-side out! (The credit card pockets should be on the outside after doing this).
Now you are mostly done. Go on to the next step if you would like to add a button to keep your wallet securely closed.
If you choose not to add the button, the more the wallet is used the more it will begin to stay closed on its own.

Step 7: Optional Button and DONE!

There are a few different options for buttons you can use. One discreet button you could do would be a simple snap button.
I did not have any of those handy, so instead i sewed a large round button to one side, and using fabric glue and ribbon made a loop to secure the fabric closed.  (The photos for this part should be pretty self-explanatory).

And then you're all done! Enjoy your new, personalized wallet!

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