Make a Mop Wick Holder

Introduction: Make a Mop Wick Holder

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Here are the tools you will need, Scissors, some thin wire, wire cutters, a strip of old mop (don't go out buying a new one unless you REALLY want to!) and a fork- or spoon- something that has a flat metal handle that's about the width of the wick you are after. A lolly pop stick could work.

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Step 1: Cutting Wire Length.

Cut a length of wire- refer to my photo, a bit longer than this would be better- maybe the length of a piece of A4 paper. Too much is better than too little.

Step 2:

Wrap the middle of the wire around the handle.

Step 3: Making the Coil.

Using one side of the wire, wind it round and round tightly onto the handle. You will end up with a flattish coil. The other end of wire is formed into a rough stand for stability.

Step 4: Cut Your Mop Wick

Place the strip under the handle and cut roughly the same size, slightly smaller will make it easier to insert into the wick but you do want a snug fit.

Step 5:

Insert the wick into the coil and form the extra wire into a curved base- this can be the tricky bit making sure it stands up but the wire can be fiddled with until you get the balance right.

Step 6:

I placed some rapeseed oil into a shallow container- when burning vegetable oils it is better to have a shallow, wide container rather than a tall vessel because the oil will not wick up as readily as thinner lamp oil such as paraffin oil. Rapeseed oil burns clean and hot and is very cheap. Soak the wick for a couple of minutes before lighting- lighting is not as instant as a wax candle wick but it will light.

Step 7: Add a Flower Pot for Extra Radiated Heat

I have been working on flower pot heaters- this is the most basic idea- just one pot on top so the heat is caught and radiates out rather than up to the ceiling. Refer to my future instructables for flower pot heaters and fee free to join my facebook group  Flower pot heaters and other frugal living tips.

Thank you for viewing my instructable and please ask any questions you like! :)

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    Frugal Girl
    Frugal Girl

    6 years ago on Introduction

    This technique can be tweaked to make a wick holder for other types of wick- for instance to make a holder for normal waxed candle wick- string, you do the steps exactly as above but you use a nail to tightly wind the wire around giving you a round coil instead of the flattish one shown here.