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A couple of friends are getting married next month and since I know they like the cutting boards I've made for myself I thought I'd make one for them as a gift.  I don't have a table saw (or laser cutter) at home so I made it at techshop.

I used a few pieces of cherry and a piece of purpleheart but any hardwood would work.  In addition to the wood you'll need some waterproof glue (I used Titebond III) and a food-safe finish (I used Good Stuff).

Let's get started.

Step 1: Prep the Wood

Use a chop saw to cut the wood to the same length, then run it through a planer to make it all the same thickness.  After planing the wood, cut it into 1" strips using a table saw.

Step 2: Arrange the Wood and Glue It Together

A few minutes of messing around putting the strips in order should make it clear what pattern you like the best. 

Move the wood to some scrap paper, flip each piece on its back and smear some glue across every piece except one (the last one in line gets glue from its neighbor).  I've apparently learned nothing since kindergarten since this step always ends with my fingers coated in white glue.

Flip the pieces back to standing and make sure they all line up before clamping everything together.  I used a few pieces of scrap wood to prevent the clamps from denting the cutting board.

Wipe off any excess glue after everything is clamped.

Step 3: Personalize It

Laser etching, what's not to like?  If you've got access to a laser cutter and you're making someone a gift, might as well personalize it.  I added their names and wedding date.

Step 4: Sand and Add a Finish

Use a palm sander to smooth everything, round the corners, and get rid of the smoke marks from the laser.  Switch to sanding by hand to finish the job with a finer grit.

Put on a pair of gloves and smear the Good Stuff all over the cutting board.  The directions say to wait 10 minutes or something before getting rid of the smudge marks but I've had good results just smoothing the finish off as I go.  Two or three coats of finish seems to work well for the other boards I've made.

The final step is to ruin your surprise gift by cleverly posting photos of it on instructables a month before you give it to your friends.



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    11 months ago

    I made it myself. Just take a fast look for stodoys if you'd like to make it too.


    This sounds too interesting that you have made your
    own personal wood cutting board with little engineering. However, I am ore
    interested to know that how you managed to print your name on your Wood Cutting Board? Please also provide information on this as it is looking so elegant. Thanks
    and keep sharing the nice information.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    LOL at that last line, this looks awesome. I'm new at woodworking but this looks do-able for me. I'm going to attempt this for my gift to my parents. Thanks for this clear guide!