Make a Star (one Hand)

Introduction: Make a Star (one Hand)

Whether you want to impress your friends or you just want to entertain younger people, this is the trick for you. This is a very easy short of "magic" trick that will make people think of how did you do it.

This is a shitty instructable, do take it to seriously.

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Step 1: Get Your Rubber Band

Get your rubber band and place it in your hand like so.

Step 2: Place Your Index Finger

Place your index finger over and under the rubber band, see the picture.

Step 3: Pull!

Stretch it upward.

Step 4: Reach!

Reach for the side.

Step 5: Pull

Pull it across.

Step 6: Put Your Index Finger Under...

Step 7: Stretch!

Move your index finger upward like so

Step 8: Let It Go!

let go of the rubber band on the top most of your thumb.

Step 9: See!

Step 10: Release

Release the top strand of the rubber band on the top most of your index finger.

Step 11: Almost Done!

Get your ring finger moving and reach for the strand just below your thumb.

Step 12: Done!

Place your middle finger beside of your index finger and pull the strand in the middle outward.

Step 13: Tada!

Now you have your star!

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    Daww that's so fun, and the star is so pretty! This is probably a great tick to show to friends!