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Introduction: Make an Amazing Reading Lamp

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Do you want to read at your bed but don't have a lamp for reading ?
Here is the simplest instructable to solve this problem, all you need is a bottle and your smartphone.

Step 1: Find the Square Bottle

Step 2: Cut the Bottom of the Bottle

The width of the cut should be as the width of your bed's plank.

Step 3: You Attach It on the Bed.

Step 4: Turn ON Flash Light, and Put It on Bottle

If you want to charge the phone while your flash is ON, you should cut a small part for the chargers head.

Thank you, and happy reading.
With love, Dardan Demiri.



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    Easier to use a phone light than just holding it, and juggling a book, and not disturbing your neighbor. Love it! Since it's clear, it's not as bothersome to the eyes, and I suppose if someone wants it for mood, a color can be inserted in front of the light!

    Not too interesting, but good for a budget lamp, not too fancy, try to add something about that, it looks - out of place..

    I've heard the LED's (the flash) phones have have a pretty short lifetime... I'm not sure if that's good

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    One could use the illuminated screen of the phone for a similar (if less bright) light. A lot of phones without the LED flash can have their screens get plenty bright enough.

    "Typical lifetimes quoted are 25,000 to 100,000 hours but heat and current settings can extend or shorten this time significantly.”

    This means your flash light can last for 3 to 10 years if it is ON all the time NON STOP.
    So if you have a lot of phones you can use your phones to light your home, and they will last for 5 to 10 years.

    Now do you think your iPhone will last 25,000 hours (worst case scenario for the LED)? That’s a little bit less than three years. It’s certainly possible for an iPhone to last much more than that, however, I highly doubt that you’re going to use it with the flash ON, for three years, non-stop. :)

    Thank you yonatan24, your comment made me research about flashlight's life.

    Check this out:

    That's not true, you're talking about a standard LED normally used, but a smartphone flash light is over boosted (Yes, I know this is a pleonasm). I'm pretty sure it won't last one month even working a few hours a night.

    Next, the color temperature is horrible, if the LED doesn't die prematurally your eyes will really suffer !

    Thanks rafununu for your comment, but you know people are smart they know that this is just a Life Hack not a permanent solution, so till they make money to buy a Real Lamp this is Amazing :D.

    Smart use of a plastic bottle.

    Great idea, thank you!

    Excellent inexpensive solution, ideal for travels. Keep the awesome life hacks coming. :)

    Exactly that's what made me think how to use it!
    Thank you for your kind comment <3