Grow a Keyboard




Introduction: Grow a Keyboard

After seeing examples of a keyboard plant prank online I decided to take a shot at it myself. I was committed to the idea of using Chia Pet seeds but struggled to find the ones referenced most online.

A green thumbed expert at my local garden center proposed using Chia seeds and potting soil instead. She went on to explain the rest of what I’m going to share with you in the details to follow. As a non-gardener I doubted I could make this work as well as I wanted but she knew exactly how to achieve the result I described. I’m grateful for her advice and hope you’ll enjoy the same success I did following her suggestions.

Step 1: SETUP

Here is the list of things to have on hand before you begin:

  • 1 Keyboard1 small bag of Schultz Potting Soil
  • a fork
  • spray bottle with water
  • 1-3 packs of Mc Fayden Select Chia seeds
  • a table cloth / space to make a muddy mess
  • 2 large plastic bagsPaper towels (JIC)


It is reasonable to see results in as few as 48 hours but real growth can take up to a week. 1 pack of carefully placed seeds would probably be enough but this example I excessively used 3.

If you left this gardening project for a day or two it will likely be ok but daily water spraying is best.

Step 3: Adding Soil

Place the keyboard on the table cloth and shake out about 1-2 cups full of soil over it.

Step 4: Fork It Over. Fork It Over!

Try working the dry soil in between the keys with either end of a fork.

Step 5: Soak It

Spray the keyboard with some water and try working the soil further in between the keys.(Repeat earlier steps as desired.)

Step 6: Seeding Your Idea

Pinch Chia seeds between your fingers and carefully spread them over the keyboard.

Dry the fork and use it again to push the Chia seeds deeper between the keys no the soil.

Step 7: Mo' H20

Heavily spray the whole keyboard again with water.

Step 8: This Could Get Messy

Fold one of the plastic bags down to make a shallow drip tray.

Step 9: Lil' Greenhouse

Place the keyboard and drip tray at the bottom of the second (larger) bag for the green house.

Inflate the second bag and clip it closed.

Place the inflated green house in a sunny window.

Step 10:

The growth depicted here is the result of a seven day regiment of watering and sun exposure.

This project was a great deal of fun and I hope these details are of use to you. I would not claim to have a green thumb but this does count as gardening ;D



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    12 Discussions

    I have 20 days. Would it be too early to begin? Will the seeds die because of time?

    If you pop out the keys and THEN add all of this. you should be able to pack it down so that no one sees the grass until it grows :)

    Too funny!


    4 years ago

    I didn't cut the cord end off but that's a good safety suggestion (just in case).

    I'd disconnect and insulate the cable ends to prevent damage if someone plugged it in. Or is this a non-issue?


    4 years ago

    this would work very well in my sales dept! HILARIOUS! being that one does have a couple plants in their office and frequently out for a few days at a time. nicely written too!

    What a green concept. Looks so out of place and brilliant.

    You should've Done it with a mouse and named the instructable 'How to raise a mouse'

    This is so funny! I have several old keyboards laying around, thanks for the fun idea!