Make Your Own "Cloche Dome" (individual Plant Greenhouse) With Bonus Pot Saucer From Recycled Water Cooler Containers.



The “Cloche Dome” is useful in Spring when you are just setting out your plants and the weather turns chilly for a day/night. You just pull it out and stick it over your plant. Also works in Fall if you are trying to extend your growing season.

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Safety first: eye protection and gloves are a must as the plastic is hard/brittle and can crack easily.
Tool: Hacksaw (I used fine toothed but you can probably go faster with a larger toothed, but the trade-off would be the cleanness of the cut)
Material: 5 gallon water coolers that have developed leaks/small cracks (you can ask your water cooler supplier)

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Step 1:

Get water cooler. Put on your safety gear.

Step 2:

Cut the water cooler a couple of inches from the bottom, all around. If you don’t have a good eye for lines, you might want to draw a cut line around the bottom so your cut meets all the way around. Cutting is the hardest part of this instructable.

Step 3:

You are done. Use the top to cover plants you want to protect from the cold. You can open the cap so there is a funnel for extra heat to dissipate. When you need to keep the heat in you can stuff some newspaper into the funnel.

Step 4:

Use the bottom as a saucer under your pots to catch soil/water and protect your floor surfaces.

If you like what you see, please vote for this entry in the Garden Contest! Thanks!
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