Make Your Own Biscuit Cutter From a Tealight




I was making some Kuih Bangkit at home last weekend and couldn't find the right biscuit cutter for it in the shops here in the UK. The biscuit cutters in the shops were all too big, I needed the shape to be bite sized or else the biscuits would break easily.

Traditionally, they come in the shape of a small flower.

So I decided to make one myself using materials easily found at home. I looked around my room, trying to find something I could use. Then I noticed this: a tealight.

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Step 1: Clean

Get a tealight, remove candle from it. Clean it of any residual wax.

Step 2: Cut

Mark out the pattern at the base of the tealight foil with a pen. Eg. A cross if you are making a four petals design.

Then make the initial incision with a sharp knife. You can continue cutting the other lines with the knife, or you might find it easier with a pair of scissors.

Step 3: Bend

Open up the sides that you have cut.

Gently bend it into petal shape. It is easiest to start by folding the joints between the 'petals'. Use a cylindrical object, like a pen or the handle of a wooden spoon to help shape the curve of the petals.

Finally, tuck away the sharp edges so you can use the cutter without cutting yourself.

Step 4: Use

Tada! You now have a petal biscuit cutter.

It is quite soft, so it might go wonky after a few use. Just reshape it every now and then.

The shape may not be perfect every time, but I think that gives your biscuits personality.

Have fun!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    GENIUS! Probably works best with non-oily candles...I have some tealights that even after a through cleaning would still be slick and scented...unless anyone wants evergreen flavored biscuits.

    Now I just need your recipe for kuih bangkit! I LOVE coconut. ;__;

    2 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I used the recipe from this site:

    Have fun!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I have a rosemary shortbread recipe that is wonderful as an appetizer, with a bit of gouda on top. It needs a bite-sized cookie - this fits the bill exactly! AND you could thin slice the cheese (or several types of cheese) and cut it with the cutter.... That would be a really nice presentation. Thanks!