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Introduction: Make an Avatar

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Whether it's a forum , Community, blog, or any other place in the internet where you have to join and become a member you may come across something called a "AVATAR". For people who are not familiar with this and searching how to make one, This is a photo or a image which basically represents you on the world wide web. An avatar can be a actual photo of you, A funny dialogue, a Saying, a cartoon image, a animation or even a site mascot edited to fit your personality. Well in this instructables i will show you how to make some of this Avatars in each step we will have each type of avatar we can make and use, so eventually you can make and use one.

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Step 1: Materials ?

You can't just walk into a forum and start acting like a famous guy you need to have a image where people can refer to like, when they see your avatar in a instructable or on a topic, They say oh, that's so and so's topic etc. The avatar really suites a persons personality and if that person is well respected and good he's avatar will have good things and words. If you are a spammer or a evil guy, your avatar will have porn images, swears, gang affiliations and etc.

But whatever you want you need that right materials to do so. You can basically use any graphic editing program out there. If you use windows the there is paint, if you have adobe photoshop that's even better. You can download a huge list of graphic editing programs, google is your friend.

That's all you need to get started with your avatar creation.

Step 2: Image Avatars

If you want to have a image avatar and add some cool text and just have it random ,you firstly need to choose out a decent image of you or anything you want the avatar to be. Remember to look more attractive you need to choose the image on something you like or think matches your personality.

Step 1 :
Start up your image editing software and , either open it in a new document , import or cut and paste on a canvas the image of your choice.

Step 2
re-size the image by clicking on the re-size canvas or image button in tools or on the tool bar and set the values to 100% x 100%. Note that all forums does not have the same image size restrictions , some forums may require smaller images.

Step 3
Adding text is the main hook here, having a plain image may not describe basically what you are trying to show so you need some cool text , quote, slang or even your name to describe it.
Change the text size for your choice because the first text may be bigger then the second or even crop them to different proportions and dimension like 3d texts. Change the colours to suit your need and which really get on with the image.

Step 4
Now save the image as whatever title name you want and then just upload it to any image server or forum you want and wola ! you have your very own image avatar with text.

Finally !
You have your own avatar , you can change it anytime for anything new and you are the next step to getting recognized on the forums.

Step 3: Animated Avatars

Well this is the best type of avatar and a fun way to show a small movie scene, a act or a animation of you edited.

Step 1
Open you favorite image editing program and copy and paste a image you want to animate, or a drawing.

Step 2
After you have loaded the first image save it as 1. the open a new canvas and make the second frame of the animation, save as 2 and so on tot he other frames.

Step 3
After you have all you image avatars and your made the final touches you will have to open up your web browser and go to load image and click on the animate link and upload your photos and set your frame to the speed desired and whether to loop or not. Then click save and the preview should appear. then click on the preview and right click and save image as.

Step 4
Upload to your forum or website which you want to use it on and yeah your forum mate would love it.

Step 4: Finally a Edit

So you have tried out the image avatar and the animated avatar but now you want something more ? ..There is no more, but you can have fun editing other site mascots and editing to your own pleasure. many instructable members have edited the instructable robot and used it as there avatar. One example is The guyfrom7up . Nice avatar.

So hope you have got what you were looking for and happy avatar making.



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    Tired - and I have a bus to catch in 10 min - but thanks for asking L

    Save it as a gif or a png format and then make a instructable, slideshow etc. Below it is a browse button click it and load you image , then click the upload button.

    Save it as a gif or a png format and then make a instructable, slideshow etc. Below it is a browse button click it and load you image , then click the upload button.