Maker Studio HATCHedu ThinkFun "Sidecar Motorcycle"

Create your own Sidecar Motorcycle from the MakerStudio Gears Set!

Step 1: Gather the Materials

You will need:

MakerStudio Gears Set

Pen and Marker


Razor Blade

16oz Aluminum Can



Spray Paint

Step 2: Design the Motorcycle

Using the motorcycle template, trace onto cardboard and cut with a razor. Use spray paint to give it your personal style. You can use paper and a razor blade to create a stencil for painting (Ask a parent to help you with the razor blade).

Step 3: Build the Motorcycle

Assemble your motorcycle according to the Maker Studio directions. Use the 5.5" rods instead of the 1.5" rods, and place additional wheels on the rear axle (see image).

Step 4: Build the Sidecar

Using a 16oz aluminum can, make holes for the axle and cut an opening for the passenger compartment. Once you've finished cutting the can, customize with paint. (Ask a parent to help you with the razor blade)

Step 5: Final Assembly

Place the sidecar onto the axles and add your passengers. You're ready to ride!



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