Making a "rubber" Body Part...




Intro: Making a "rubber" Body Part...

Forgot to put up decorations for the trick or treaters and now it's too late to buy some? Looking for a cheap way to make a dummy to place out on the porch? This is the way to go about it all.

A few years back (like 1 or 2), I stumbled upon how to create "rubber" body parts by being impatient waiting for my paper-machie mask to dry. I turned the oven on and placed the mask in the oven on a piece of tin foil. I set the timer and when it went off, I took the mask out. The extra paste that had dripped off, felt like rubber and was flexible too. I experimented with different objects and discovered the "Rubber mixture" worked great.

I'm going to explain how to do this in this Instructable...

You'll need:
1. Several containers... I used paper cups (for mixing different colors)
2. Flour
3. Water
4. Spoon
5. Tin foil
6. An oven and timer
7. Oven Mitts
8. Food coloring (the liquid kind works best)
9. Old newspapers (to prevent a huge mess)
10. Thread and scissors
11. Paper clip
12. Coffee Stirrers

Warning: Parts will go bad after 2 or so weeks... so be sure to toss after use.

Step 1: Making the "Mixture"

The mixture that is used is commonly used for paper-machie and consists of only flour and warm water.

1. Fill a container part of the way with warm water.
2. Slowly add flour to the water and stir.
3. Keep adding flour and mixing until you get a mixture much like paste.

That's all there is to the mixture.

To make different colored mixtures, just add a few drops of the food coloring in and mix.
Now that wasn't hard....

You can also use highlighter water to create a blacklight mixture:
(Last two pictures)...

Step 2: Make the Mold, Make the Part....

Now that you've learned the mixture, now comes the fun part. The body part...

1. Preheat the oven to 335 degrees (F)
2. Take some tin foil and wrap your thumb in it. Make sure it's water tight and remove your thumb slowly and carefully (watch the video).
3. Make a base out of foil and place your mold in it.
4. Mix up a batch of yellowish mixture (I couldn't find yellow coloring until later, so I first made "brown") and fill the mold about 3/4 of the way.
5. Place the mold in the oven on another sheet of foil (in case it tips over).
6. Set timer for 10 to 15 minutes.
7. Take the mold out when the timer goes off (or reset the timer, if the mixture is still soft) and allow it to cool. When you take it out of the foil, it'll feel like a piece of rubber.

Note: If you use the yellow mixture, then you don't need to give it another coat unless a piece of it breaks off. Then use the mixture as if it were glue and place the part in the oven for about 5 minutes (depending on how big the piece that broke off was).

8. Push a piece of thread through the top/side of the thumb using a paper clip. Tie it at the top. Seal the holes with some yellow mixture.
9. Mix yourself a batch of red mixture and use a coffee stirrer to paint the top of the thumb to make it look like blood.
10. Place the thumb back in the oven for 5 minutes and take it back out.

Now you have a bloody "rubber" thumb that you can hang from the ceiling, a door, etc.
You can make "casts" of other objects as well... Have fun with it :)



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    you can prevent the parts from going bad by mixing a fair bit of salt in the mixture - but it might make it to dry, i dont know


    Reply 11 years ago

    Probably cause I described it as paste :P It would probably still work, it would just take longer to cook.... but I'm not about to try. I'll stick with my "recipe" :) If I have the time (and energy), I'll try to "measure" out the components of this mixture so to take out the guess work....


    11 years ago

    I'm gonna put a few of these in some luck trick-or-treaters' bags! Hehe!

    1 reply

    Reply 11 years ago

    If you had the time on your hands, you could make a mold to resemble those candy, wax fangs and bake up a batch. Imagine the suprise on those poor kids' faces when they go to place the fangs in their mouths. Just make sure not to use the highlighter water (or any other toxic substance) in the batches...Only the good ol' flour, water, and food coloring :)


    11 years ago

    mine came out all gooey. does that mean it needs cooked longer??

    1 reply

    Reply 11 years ago

    Probably or you didn't make the mixture thick enough. The mixture should come out kind of like pudding (sorry, that's the best I can describe it besides saying "paste")


    Reply 11 years ago

    Wait until I get around to posting up how to involve man's best friend in one of the instructables (coming soon to a website near you)....


    11 years ago

    wicked, sick, and wizard. Good job, dude!

    1 reply

    Reply 11 years ago

    Thanks. I love Halloween so I'm probably going to be up in the hundreds for instructables posted :P