Making a Dowel Plate




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I've used 6mm steel plate, I marked the plate out and then centre punched it for drilling.

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Step 1: Drilling the Dowel Holes to Size

Starting with a 3mm drill bit I worked up to 6mm to 14mm range of holes for various dowel sizes

Step 2: Cutting the Serrated Holes With My Jigsaw Using a Fine Metal Blade

Using my jigsaw to create the serrated holes, I ground the blade for the smaller holes

Step 3: Preparing the Sticks

I wanted to use square sticks in the plate to take the dowel down to the size.I inserted the stick into the dowel hole and turned it by hand to create the round so it would fit in the drill chuck

Step 4: Using the Dowel Plate

The holes are 1mm in size difference I started at 14mm and went down to 6mm with the same dowel but normally i would prepare the dowel stick to the correct size for the dowel required.

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    3 years ago

    When dowel making plates were sold in my immediate location, I was very young then, to buy one. afterwards they didn't exist. Years I waited for this 'Ible. Many thanks for the inspiration. I'm thinking of making one from carbon steel to harden it.

    Best regards

    1 reply
    marcello bianchiMihsin

    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi Mihsin, yes carbon steel will work well.thanks for taking the time to leave feedback