Making a Pink Snowflake Hair Clip in an Ingenious Way

Introduction: Making a Pink Snowflake Hair Clip in an Ingenious Way

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A pink felt snowflake hair clip turns out that beautiful snowflakes are not necessarily white. It’s a little complicated to describe the steps, but you can easily get the hang of how to make it with the help of the pictures.

Step 1: Materials:

10mm & 6mm & 5mm Plastic Cabochons, Round, Ivory

10mm Satin Ribbon, Grosgrain, Pink

Felt, Hot Pink

Alligator Hair Clip

Sewing Thread, Hot Pink (Not Shown)

Needle (Not Shown)


Hot Glue Gun

Step 2:

1st, cover the hair clip including both ends with a length of pink ribbon and secure with glue;

2nd, cut out five felt strips measuring 5cm, five strips measuring 6cm, ten strips measuring 3.5cm and ten strips measuring 2.5cm;

3rd, cut out a short strip of felt, loop it and sew the ends as a center. Fold all 5cm long strips in half and sew both ends. Arrange these folded strips around the center strip with their ends outwards. It looks like a flower. Sew these strips with the center strip for securing;

4th, sew a 6cm long strip without folding between each two folded 5cm long strip.

Step 3:

1st, take two 3.5cm long strips, place a strip at each side of the folded 5cm long strip and align their ends. Sew the ends together. Make sure the tails of 3.5 long strips are opposite with the 6cm long strips;Turn the tails over and sew them with the adjacent 6cm long strips. Do the same to the remaining 3.5 long strips;

2nd, respectively sew two 2.5cm long strips at both sides of a 6cm long strip. One end of each strip is sewed with the end of the 6cm long strip, and the other end is connected with the end of 3.5cm long strip by creating a sharp angle. The snowflake is done;

3rd, glue a 10mm cabochon at the center of the snowflake, a 6cm cabochon at the ends of each folded 5cm long strip, and a 5cm cabochon at the end of each 6cm long strip;

4th, glue the snowflake on hair clip in place.

Step 4: Tada!

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