Making a Tomato Cage From Two Cattle Panels - a DIY Project



Placing two galvanized, welded-wire cattle or livestock panels side-by-side creates a tomato cage supporting from 4 to 12 individual tomato plants, depending upon the varieties chosen. The panels are held upright by t-posts and attached to these posts using fencing clips or wire. In this video two 4' x 50" panels are used. This vertical gardening technique can be used directly on the ground or atop a raised bed or large container garden.

This project repurposed old, bent-up panels and salvaged t-posts, materials once used as part of a horse enclosure, making it essentially no-cost, and took about 1/2 an hour to set up. I placed a soaker hose down the middle of the cage to make watering easy. The addition of a timer would make watering even easier.



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