Making a Cold Frame With Recycled Items

Introduction: Making a Cold Frame With Recycled Items

Step 1: Collect Materials

We are going to use a recycled plastic barrel, recycled window, garden hose, jig saw, knife, shovel, string, and a bale of hay.

Step 2: Barrel Is Cut

Cut the barrel into thirds with the jig saw. We are using the end cuts to mix earth plasters in.

Step 3: Barrel in Ground W/ Hose Applied

Dug a hole and put the center portion of the barrel in the ground at a slight tilt to match the lower sun in the winter. Then we cut the hose to the correct length and cut a slit down the length of the hose so that it would sit snugly on the rim of the barrel.

Step 4: Straw Insulation Applied

Broke the bale of hay in to flakes, then we then placed them around the barrel. We fastened them with a piece of string tied tightly around the hay.

Step 5: TaDa

We placed the recycled window over the barrel to collect and concentrate the suns energy.

Step 6: It's Working

Here is our first baby salad greens.

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