Making an Ice Candle Holder





This Instructable will show you how to make an easy outside or inside decoration for the wintertime: A candle holder made out of ice.

All you need are the following materials:

- 2 different sized plastic or glass containers. They should be sized so that when the smaller container is put into the larger container, there is at least one centimetre space between the two containers. Both containers should either be straight or get wider at the top.

- Water (Does not have to be tap water but make sure that the water looks pure, otherwise the final result might not look good)

- Tape. If you use large containers it is a good idea to use Duct tape or any other strong tape

- Decorations (optional). You can use natural decorations such as small twigs or berries, or other decorations, such as colour glass beads (don’t use too small ones).

- Small weights: For this you can use small pebbles or other small heavy objects

Step 1: Getting Started

Put the small container into the larger container. Fill water into the gap between the two containers. The smaller container should rise up as more water is filled in. Fill in water until the rim of the small container is on the same height as the rim of the large container.

Step 2: Fix the Containers in Place

Fix the smaller container in place in the middle of the large container. For that take pieces of tape and tape them from the inside of the small to the outside of the large container. You should use four pieces of tape to secure the small container in all directions.

Step 3: Add Water

Fill more water into the gap between the two containers until the water is as high as you want your candle holder to be. In case the small container rises up, weigh it down with the small weights.

Step 4: Decorate!

(If you want to keep your candle plain and pure skip this step)

If you wish, you can add small decorations to your candle holder. You could use natural things such as twigs or berries. For the Christmas time small fir branches are very nice. You could also use other decorations, such as coloured glass beads for example.

Step 5: Freeeze!

Put the containers into the freezer. If it is below 0°C outside, you can also put them on your balcony or in front of your house. Leave them in the cold over night. Depending on the size of the candle holder you are making the time it takes to freeze varies.

Step 6: Remove the Containers

Once the water is completely frozen, take out the containers. Start with the small container. It might be helpful to pour a little bit of hot water into the container. Once you got the small container out, take of the large container. Again it might be easier if you let some warm water run over it.

Step 7: Done!

Now place a candle or tee light into the ice candle holder and put it any where you want it to be.
NOTE: If you wish to keep it inside, for example as table decoration, remember to place a bowl or plate under it to collect the water.



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