Medieval East-Europe Body Armor. Real Battle Armor




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On this intractable I will show to you how to create body armor. Real battle armor, full historical reconstruction.

Eastern Europe,13-th century, Galycko-Volynske kindom(kniazivstvo). Medieval Body armor that known as "lamelar gomel A"

What you will need:

1. Metal plate 1-1,5 mm (you can cut it by hand) 600-900 piaces

2. Leather

3. Knife

4. Hole punch

5. 1-6 weeks of your time

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Step 1: Metal Plates.

1.Prepare your Metal plates.

1.1 if you have no this plates - check photos there are drowings.

1.2 You can cut this plates from one sheet of steel than drill holes.

1.3 Add rigid ribs to plates

2. Clean and polish your plates

Step 2: Preparing Leather

Prepare leater.Cut belts(broad and long strips) and sash(1ft or 0.5m long)

Prepare hole punch, hammer and piace of wood

Prepare paper hole template.

Stick template to leather belt and make holes.

Have fan

Step 3: Mounting Plates

Check photos how to mount plates

Step 4: Mount Belt to Belt

Check photos

Step 5: Scapular and Finishing

Check photos

And thank you for reading my small instructable

This photos i found in my archiev from 2006 year

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    12 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Armor made in the Byzantian style. Suitable for the whole Balkan region and western Russ. Period: Second half of the 12th century --- the beginning of the 13th century.

    All kinds of plates have archaeological analogues on the territory of modern Ukraine.
    Made of 1 mm stainless steel. The dome of the helmet and a round plate front - from 2 mm Mild Steel.


    3 years ago

    That's looks super cool ! my bro loves to make armors as well, it will be great inspiration for him

    2 replies

    3 years ago

    Very beautiful result. So much effort

    Fuzzy Monkey

    3 years ago

    Wow this is super cool! Perfect for history buffs -- especially those who are interested in the mechanics of fighting! I'm going to have to show this to some friends!

    2 replies

    I have parts for Birka vikings bodyarmor A2L,A2R and B types. if i'll have free time in next month - i'll create full manual how to convert A2l and A2r to A1l and A1r type; and how to build full bodyarmor from this parts....


    3 years ago

    So is this for SCA fighting? I think I might try this with cur-boili instead of metal. I really don't want the kind of weight metal provides. I've heard there is a place that offers plastic premade and punched plates to. I'll have to look into that. Nice job on your armour.

    2 replies

    This is for live history. check on youtube "battle of the nations".
    My full armor weight ~20kg
    Helmet 8kg
    Full body armor 8kg
    Shild+axe 4kg

    BotN certainly has a much heavier standard than just regular SCA. I've got a few friends who participate in BotN.


    3 years ago

    try to build from st65 (steel) or from titan... it will be -4-5 kg and betterprotection than carbon