Minecraft Furniture



Intro: Minecraft Furniture

Some furniture ideas in Minecraft ...

Step 1: Table : Place Fence/Nether Brick Fence/Cobblestone Wall

Step 2: ​Place Carpets From Above

Step 3: Chair : Place Stair/stairs

Step 4: Put Signs on the Edges

Step 5: Beach Chair : Place Quartz Stair and Quartz Slab

Step 6: Place Item Frames on Stair's Edges

Step 7: Billiard Table : Make 2x4 Rectangle

Step 8: Add Trapdoors on Edges

Step 9: Slot Machine : Make Base for Slot Machine

Step 10: Add Painting and Rails

Step 11: Add 1x2 Paintings on Edges

I hope you guys liked it ... dont forget to vote :D



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