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Hello, and welcome to this tutorial on how to build the RMS Titanic, but on a small scale. I hope you enjoy the tutorial, and please post a comment below if you have any troubles or questions.

Step 1: Layer One - Lay the Keel

This step is very simple - you lay a 22 block long keel 2 blocks under the water, and you put 16 blocks on both sides.

Step 2: Layer Two - Make the Under Hull

Now, this step is very simple if you follow the pics

Step 3: Layer Three - Above Water Hull Part

Now, this part is also very simple, just follow the pictures and you will be okay.

Step 4: Layer Four - Upper Works

This step is also very easy if you follow the pics.

Step 5: Layer Five - Upper Works Part Two

So, for this step you just add a bit more upper works, and a deck.

Step 6: Layer Six - Little Details

This step is also very easy - use quartz slabs and make the bridge, and some other stuff from the pic.

Step 7: Layer Seven - Funnels

The funnels are very simple - they're just four 2 - high gold sticks with dark oak wood slabs on top, and with 2 block separation.

Step 8: Propellers and Rudder

Just follow the pics.

Step 9: Masts

The mast on the front is 5, blocks high, and the mast on the back is 4 blocks high.

Step 10: And... You're Done!

I hope you like this tutorial very much!
Please leave some feedback, and a favorite!
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3 Discussions


1 year ago

haha I like the picture you put up of the Titanic


2 years ago

This really isn't something you should do in Minecraft. You might think it's funny, but don't you relize how many people died in that tragic moment.


3 years ago

Also forgot to mention - this tutorial also works with the Titanic's sister ships, the Olympic, and the Britannic.