Minecraft PE - Mini RMS Titanic Tutorial




French dude with German moustache, loves to make ships and houses in Minecraft.

Hello, and welcome to this tutorial on how to build the RMS Titanic, but on a small scale. I hope you enjoy the tutorial, and please post a comment below if you have any troubles or questions.

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Step 1: Layer One - Lay the Keel

This step is very simple - you lay a 22 block long keel 2 blocks under the water, and you put 16 blocks on both sides.

Step 2: Layer Two - Make the Under Hull

Now, this step is very simple if you follow the pics

Step 3: Layer Three - Above Water Hull Part

Now, this part is also very simple, just follow the pictures and you will be okay.

Step 4: Layer Four - Upper Works

This step is also very easy if you follow the pics.

Step 5: Layer Five - Upper Works Part Two

So, for this step you just add a bit more upper works, and a deck.

Step 6: Layer Six - Little Details

This step is also very easy - use quartz slabs and make the bridge, and some other stuff from the pic.

Step 7: Layer Seven - Funnels

The funnels are very simple - they're just four 2 - high gold sticks with dark oak wood slabs on top, and with 2 block separation.

Step 8: Propellers and Rudder

Just follow the pics.

Step 9: Masts

The mast on the front is 5, blocks high, and the mast on the back is 4 blocks high.

Step 10: And... You're Done!

I hope you like this tutorial very much!
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3 Discussions


2 years ago

haha I like the picture you put up of the Titanic


3 years ago

This really isn't something you should do in Minecraft. You might think it's funny, but don't you relize how many people died in that tragic moment.


4 years ago

Also forgot to mention - this tutorial also works with the Titanic's sister ships, the Olympic, and the Britannic.