Minecraft Toilet




Introduction: Minecraft Toilet

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Step 1: Building the Toilet

Set 9 blocks in a cube and break the center so you have a doughnut hole. Use your block of choice.

Step 2: The Water and Door

Put a bucket of water inside the doughnut hole. Then put one block on any side of the water hole and make sure it's one block above the others. Next add a trap door and place it right above the water hole by tapping the block that was above the others.

Step 3: Finished

Hope this minecraft toilet is useful to you and helps your bathroom problems:) You can add additional blocks to the back of the toilet.



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    3 Discussions

    place two blocks on top of each other, place stairs upside down on the bottom and add a trapdoor.

    This is a gigantic toilet everybody usually use only 3 block and a trap door


    5 years ago

    Nice job