Mini Knex Ball Run

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Hi guys! first knex ball run!=) hope you like it it uses knex balls

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Step 1: Piece Count


Green: 14
White: 36
Blue: 42
Yellow: 21
Red: 6
Grey: 6
Flexi Blue: 11 (These can all be subbed with blues!=).)
Flexi Yellow: 2
Flexi Grey: 5


1 Joint: 2
2 Joint Straight: 7
2 Joint Corner: 1
3 Joint: 20
4 Joint: 13
4 Joint and Slot: 36
5 Joint: 27
7 Joint and Slot: 7
8 Joint: 4


Y Connectors: 8
Ball: 1 or more
Medium Panel: 1

Step 2: Base

Step 3: Curve in the Course


Step 4: Tower

Build Away!!!=)

Step 5: Finish Off!

After this step your done! hope you enjoyed making!

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    i have made another one that i will post sumtime! wive chain lift!! prob wont be instructable