Mini Octopus Planter



This is an easy 3D printed project that will take about half an hour (excluding printing time) to accomplish. The effort is worth this small little planter that you can proudly display on your window sill or backyard.

The materials for this printer are:

Step 1: Design

Design, or copy a design, on and export it to your 3D printer using the app Ultimaker Cura to be able to transfer it to the printer. Then start your print. Mine took a little less than 5 hours.

If you want to use the design I used you can press on this link.

Step 2: Spray Paint (optional)

If you want your planter to be a different color you can spray paint it a color of your preference.

Step 3: Adding Plant

After the spray paint drys, you can plant your plant into the planter.

Now your mini octopus planter is complete!



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