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Introduction: Mini Workbench

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what you will need,



pencil/marking knife.

2-3 inchs of hard wood,by-18 inch long-12 inch width .

drill,with no 6-8 spade drill bit

12 inch of wood dowel.


2 inch screws.


router (optional)

2 bits of 12 inch by 2 inch wide, wooden battens.



and same length as the hard wood & width, ply wood

Step 1: Start

saw your wood to the size i gave you .

or go with what you want.

Step 2: Glue Up

now glue your wood together

leaving the ply for the top.

then clamp it together

Step 3: Screws

now get your 2 inch screws .

but first countersink.

then grab your drill

and put 8 screws in total .

3 each side..

and one in the middle either side

Step 4: Mark Up

now with your ruler and pencil.

make your measurements .

i did mine 8 inchs apart.

on both sides.

these will be marks for drilling , for the bench plate, not dog.

as you will see.

Step 5: Bench Plate ,as I Call It

now drill with your spade drill bit.

on the marks you made on the previous step.

go about 3/4 of the way into the wood.

Step 6: Drilling

bench plates

grab your 2 battens .

using the same drill bit .

mark the battens.

so the dowel can go through the batten and into the wood.

do this on both battens.

once finished as you can see in the pic.

the batten can move to any position i want .

and gives me a lot more room to play with.

also optional but its a great clamp.

with your 2 battens in place make the measurements , so that you have 2 bits of wood not to high that your bits of wood mountain over, about 1cm or so over is fine.

then saw from corner 2 corner (other corner opposite ).

then as shown in the pics put one on one side in the middle of the battens the other on the other side.

then what ever you want to clamp,place the work piece in the middle then push inwards until you get a solid hold,job done,

and believe me they work great,from a tiny bit of wood to large.

Step 7: Finsh

try and get your screws just under the ply.

so many pics missing.

or flush with the ply.

now grab your router with a flush router bit.

set your depth and run it round the sides.

use a chisel or plane to get the odd bit thats not flush.

now cut 4 bits of 3 inch bits of wood for the legs.

glue them onto the bottom.

not the ply.

now its up to you if you want to add varnish etc.

and there you have a bench which mine still is not finished,

a bench that will sit nicely on top of your work bench.

and its so easy to make.

now stay safe , and much love to you all

Step 8:

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