Minion Mini Cake Tutorial




Minion mini cakes.
Ideal for children’s parties, adult birthdays or as a ‘Thank you’ gift.

(This tutorial makes both the minion and evil minion at the same time. Please let me know if this is confusing, or if you’d prefer 2 separate tutorials).

You will need:

Tools- Small rolling pin, circle cutter, straight edged modelling tool, small dry paint brush (for sticking) sharp (vegetable) knife, large (bread) knife, palette or butter knife.

Materials- Small square, rectangular or loaf shaped cake, jam (frosting optional), green, purple, grey, dark blue, white and black sugar paste, icing sugar (to prevent sticking)

I bought a ready-made madeira loaf from my local supermarket, any rectangular cake will do.

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Step 1: Shape the Cakes

Cut the cake into 2 smaller rectangles, one slightly larger than the other.

Stand upright, cut off all 4 corners top to bottom.

Cut off the new ‘corners’ formed when you cut the corners off. This should make your cake rounded.

Cut the top edge off at a 45 degree angle all the way around.

Trim the bottom edge off all around.

For ‘evil’ (purple) minion, cut a groove out of the cake about 1/2 way up to form the mouth.

(Side view of mouth groove)

Step 2: Cover the Green Cake

Cover lightly in smooth jam (and frosting
if you like). You can also cut the cakes in half height wise and fill if you like, but this may make them more difficult to cover.

Roll out green sugar paste.

Gently place the paste over the top of your cake, smooth it down the sides with your palm.

pull any wrinkles or pleats forming away from the cake and smooth down to prevent creasing.

Smooth down to the bottom edge using the side of your hand (smoothing tools are a bit big and flat for such a small, delicate project, but do try these if you prefer).

Smooth the cake all over with a cupped hand.

Step 3: Repeat for the Purple Cake

Cover cake with the same technique as the green minion, mark in the mouth groove.

Define the mouth groove using a modelling tool.

Pinch along the bottom of the mouth to define the bottom lip.

Step 4: Make Dungarees

Find a circle cutter a couple of inches bigger than the base of your minions.

Cut a circle of blue, smooth over the bottom of your upturned cake.

Trim off the excess to about 1/4 of his height to make his dungarees.

Stand upright again.

Repeat in grey on the purple cake.

(They should now look like this)

Step 5: Dungaree Details and Arms

Roll out more blue icing and cut 2 long narrow strips and a small rectangle.

Add the rectangle as the dungaree chest and add the straps over his shoulders. Repeat in grey for the purple cake.

Roll 4 medium sized balls of black sugar paste into pear shapes, flatten the narrow side. Add these under your cake as feet. Stick the cake to a board (or whatever you’re presenting them on).

Roll 4 medium black balls for hands, flatten them slightly into ovals, add a small, flattened ball of black to make cuffs.

Mark fingers and thumb with your modelling tool.

Roll 2 thin sausages of green, add too hands and attach to the body as arms. Repeat in purple.

Step 6: Mouths

Mark a mouth with your modelling tool.

Roll a small, tapered sausage of black, insert into mouth.

Roll a fat sausage of black, flatten into a peanut shape by squashing both ends.

Insert into mouth.

Roll out some white with a rolling pin, leaving the paste about 1/2cm thick. Cut different sizes of rectangle for teeth.

Position the teeth along the mouth, larger ones at the middle. Shape with the modelling tool.

Step 7: Eyes

Roll 3 balls of white, flatten.

Roll a ball of green flatten it out and cut it in half to make an eyelid. Repeat with 2 circles of purple.

Add eyelids onto the eyes.

Roll out 3 small balls of black, flatten them and add them as pupils.

Roll 3 medium sausages of grey, flatten then stick around eyes as goggles.

Stick your eyes onto the cakes.

(they should now look something like this)

Step 8: Headbands and Hair

Roll 2 long thin black sausages, flatten
and add around the head as bands (alternatively roll out black with a rolling pin and cut strips).

Cut a long thin sausage of black into short sections, add as hair.

Roll long, fat sausages of purple, taper into elongated tear-drop shapes.

Add as hair.

(Finished cakes)

Have fun!

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    18 Discussions


    Reply 5 years ago

    in Europe you can buy Marzipan as a solid roll for bakery. often bought as white one and then colored


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I tend to use sugar paste/fondant rather than marzipan. It's easier to work with and doesn't cause problems with nut allergies etc.

    I prefer Renshaw's sugarpaste which comes in all kinds of colours, but there are a few good ones in supermarkets now too.


    Reply 5 years ago

    ah... thanks! i thought that european marzipan = american sugar paste. that assumption seems to be wrong ;)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I've never heard marzipan called sugar paste (not that it isn't, just that I'm not aware of it). It's often called almond paste. :D

    Sara Ash

    5 years ago

    cool and creative =) ik i may sound dumb but idk what sugar paste is..... can i make it at home?

    2 replies
    cakespriteSara Ash

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    There are lots of recipes on-line for sugar paste/fondant icing. I've never made my own because it's so readily available in shops in Scotland. I've read that there's a lot of trial and error in home-made, but it's well worth a go, there are so many great decorating techniques that are almost exclusive to sugar paste.

    If you find one that works for you please let me know so that I can pass on the knowledge :D


    5 years ago

    the eyes on the evil one are superb! :)


    5 years ago

    Looks great! Though normal minions are yellow.

    1 reply