Minion Shoulder Bags




This was 5 day project for our daughters and me home alone. It was too hot to go outside before 5 pm and minions are just adorable ;)

Note: This instructable is more like comics, too much pictures and too less text. We tried to make both Stuart and Bob at the same time, but at some point (after all parts were prepared), we decided to make Stuart first and then finished Bob. As a result, pictures can be little confusing sometimes and not on the timeline. You should try to catch whole story before you start your own. Sorry about that.

Step 1: Material, Tools and Design

Bags are made from color felts and denim. We needed (for 2 bags):

- Felts (yellow, white, gray, black)

- Denim (70 x 140 cm)

- Yellow and green zippers (30 cm)

- Plastic pieces for 4 cm strap 2 Eights and 4 Os

- 4 small black buttons

- Fabric with glue on one side (It's called VLISELIN around here, and after ironing it on another fabric it become quite stiff.)

- Eyes printed on paper

- Both side tape

- Scrap sheet of PP (some electronic device came in that)

- Color threads

- Sewing machine

- Glue stick

- Marker, pen, ruler, tool for drawing circles

Design was simplified and drawn into square net (2 x 2 cm), allowance for sewing was 1.5 cm almost everywhere.

Step 2: Preparing Felt Parts

Big yellow felt parts are ironed with glue fabric. Design is redrawn on color felt and cut out. You can see also front part of jeans (white fabric = glue fabric). Big yellow rectangle is going to be cut - 4 sides (9 x 15 cm) and 4 tops (4 x 30cm)

Step 3: Face

Pile eyes and googles on yellow face (white, iris, PP glass, googles with small ears and circle googles). Use both side tape to position the iris. Glue and sew together.

Step 4: Jeans

White glue fabric is final size. Bend, glue and sew margins. Prepare pocket, bend and glue margins, glue it on piece of paper and sew it. Remove paper. Black felt initials T and D stands for Tanya and Danielle, draw your own letter ;) Sew on small denim rectangles, cover them with jeans and sew them. Pocket is used in next step.

Step 5: Front Addons

Put inside part of denim under yellow face, sew margins together. Sew smiles. Use just thread (Stuart) or combine it with felt (Bob). That small piece of pink felt left from previous project. Pocket on jeans is going to cover earphones hole, sew it as real, open on the top.

Step 6: Top

Sew yellow parts on zip, then add denim. Green thread is temporal. Just to keep it together while sewn. Marker lines are same as on design. Final width of top part (visible after sewing) is 6 cm.

Step 7: Strap

One piece of denim (16 x 140 cm) bend on quarter. One of them stiffed with glue fabric. Sew on both sides. Attach plastic pieces. Four short pieces of denim (15 x 7 cm) go as loops on the ends.

Step 8: Sides

Attach loops of straps on yellow parts, add denim and sew together. Position whole part on the side of bag, loop in the height of iris. Sew together. Attach straps on jeans and then buttons. Cut the black felt as needed for loop and sew it. Also on googles. Now is the time to sew hair on Stuart if you want.

Step 9: Bottom

Attach and sew together with sides. Cut sides and sew them with bottom one more time. Sew with face jeans). Now It's the time to cut sew allowance around whole face and finish the margin.

Step 10: Back

Our back sides are different for Stuart and Bob. Stuart has outside vertical pocket, Bob has inside horizontal pocket. Your choice. Green zipper goes here. Attach second back part, sew together. Attach to rest of bag (inside outside) and sew around. Open main zipper, roll over whole bag.

Step 11: Done

Enjoy ;)



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    11 Discussions


    3 years ago

    These bags are fantastic and the family love them


    3 years ago on Introduction

    You are so creative. Way to show your love to your little girls.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome job! I love seeing cartoons translated into felt/ fabric creations. I'm glad you backed everything with the denim because I was initially worried about the strength of felt alone.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    thank you ;) i appreciate you pointed out the backing. that glue fabric makes felt much stronger, besides that yellow felt we used is quite thick. but denim is denim ;)


    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    arms and legs are optional (and look little childish). but it's your choice, be creative and move it to next level ;)


    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you ;) About contest -- should be nice, but I've read rules and Slovakia is not supported country :(


    3 years ago

    Wow!!! Your daughters are very lucky to have such a creative inspiration, great work!


    3 years ago

    I love it. These are great!