Mitsubishi Logo



Cut two 350 mm long pieces off from a 25 mm thick and 85 mm wide board using a miter saw. Fit the work-pieces to each other with a hand plane.

Mark the work-piece out for DOMINO dowels.

Cut holes using a Festool joiner.

Apply glue, fit the pieces together and clamp them to provide equal pressure along the length. Wait for the glue to dry. Remove excess glue with a hand scraper.


Step 1: Сontinue...

Adjust the board’s thickness using a thickness planer. The resulting thickness should be 20 mm.

Fix a rosewood lamella plank on the work-piece using double-sided bonding tape. Process it on the thickness planer until it is 3 mm thick.

Scale the board down to the size of 250x170 mm using the miter saw.

Step 2: Logo

Draw the Mitsubishi logo. Make a simple geometric calculation based on the triangle-inscribed-in-circle rule.

Based on the dimensions, cut three rhomb-shaped pieces out of the rosewood lamella plank with a hand saw and check them against the board.

Cut off fiber with a marking knife to avoid grain raising during the milling process.

Сut out rhomb hollows in the board 2.5-2.8 mm deep.

Step 3: Rhombs

Trim the hollows with chisels and fit the rosewood rhombs. Make sure that they sit tightly in the hollows, yet you can extract them easily.

Make rough finishing using a hand router with an R8 disc cutter and cut a chamfer along the contour.

Glue in the rhombs. Put the work-piece between two MDF sheets, clamp them and wait until the glue dries completely.

Step 4: Finishing

Do the final finishing with a random-orbit sander using different sanding discs, gradually reducing grit size (120,150, and 180 grit).

Paint the logo with natural beeswax.



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