Most Important - Start With a List!

Introduction: Most Important - Start With a List!

Every year, it's important to ready the house for winter. while it wasn't as important when I lived down South, now that I am up her in the MidWest, it makes a big difference! :-)

Feel free to print it off and make modifications for your own home!

Step 1: Most Important: Start With a Good Winterize List!

Outdoor Maintenance Tips

1. Check around the home for any water leaks.

2. Trim back any trees and shrubs that are too close to the home

3. Disconnect exterior garden hose, add protector, rag or newspaper to prevent freezing

4. Clean Gutters

5. Empty Gas from Lawnmower - pour gas out of can, too!

6. Take Gazebo material down

7. Pull up garden and cut off the plants

8. Bring the hose into the garage

9. Cover up the garden art

10. Cover up the lawn furniture – use tarps

11. Clear debris out of you window wells, gutters, downspouts, and storm drains. This will allow the water to properly drain, minimizing standing water and stalling the freeze and thaw expansion process that often occurs during colder months.

12. Make sure the weather stripping on your windows and doors fit and is in good condition.

13. Clean your windows. Sparkling clean windows let in lots of sunlight that will help chase away winter's doldrums.

14. Look for broken or cracked glass and damaged screens or storm windows. Also, check for loose putty around glass panes.

15. Keep rodents out. Make sure all exterior vents are screened, and that there are no gaps

16. Make sure your snow shovels and/or snow blower are in good shape.

17. Fall is also the time to remove window screens and store in a safe place.

Indoor Maintenance Tips

1. Wash both humidifiers and buy filters for them.

2. Replace batteries and test all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

3. Check indoor caulking around windows and doors to help prevent heat loss

4. Place socket sealers over all the sockets

5. Have you furnace serviced

6. Replace your furnace filter.

7. Check attic insulation, if you see any dark, dirty spots, it may indicate you have air leaks coming into your home.

8. Remove hair from drains in sinks, tubs, and showers.

9. Test all ground-fault circuit interrupters, especially after electrical storms.

10. Check windows and doors for air leaks with a flame, if it moves with a breeze, caulk it or replace the wood frame. Repairing these leaks can save you money on your energy bill during the cold months.

11. Open bathroom cupboard to keep pipes from freezing!

12. Clean and reverse ceiling fans. Reset fans for the winter routine by giving fan blades a thorough dusting, and then switch them to a clockwise spin in order to push warm air downward from the ceiling.

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