Moustrap Car

So the mousetrap car is a car powered by a mousetrap so the mousetrap is like the engine of the car. It can be a very fun and amusing project to do to have fun or for competition. The way the mousetrap powers the car well you’ll get instructions in just a moment. The mousetrap car can use many resources but it won’t really cost a lot or it might not even cost anything. You can make the mousetrap car to compete in projects or to have fun.

Step 1: Materials

So for the first step you need
1. some cardboard
2. 4 old CDs
3. Two semi pointed wooden stick
4. And two more wooden sticks
5. String
6. Straws

Step 2:

Step 3:

So for the next step you want to glue your mousetrap to the body of your car, then you want to start putting the wheels to the axle together, to do that grave the two semi spiked wooden sticks and the CDs or whatever you want to use as your wheels, so once you grave that get tape only four pieces get one axle so the wooden sticks and the first wheel and make a hole in the middle of the tape and stick it on the wheel on top of the hole of the wheel, then then make the axle so the stick go through the holes. Then do that to all four wheels tape and make the axles go through.

Step 4:

Then your next step is to get the straw and take out one wheel from the two axles and stick the one straw threw the stick, then to one of the straws cut it in half. Then stick those two on the other axle, then place back both tires.

Step 5:

Next step is to glue only the straws to the body of your car don’t let the glue touch the sticks, the reason for that is because the straws will allow the axle to move when car is in action of movement if the glue touches the stick the axle won’t move the stick will not move and it will not move the car.

Step 6:

Then you want to add the stick on the mousetrap and tie a string on it. Then you hook the string on the axle and wind it up and let it go.



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