Mozzarella Chicken Cheesy Sticks




Introduction: Mozzarella Chicken Cheesy Sticks

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Mozzarella Cheese Stick Chicken Nugget Fusion Time Go!!!!... with marinara sauce.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

Note: This breading recipe makes about 6-7 sticks.


1 1/2 pounds Ground chicken (or boneless skinless chicken breasts if you have a meat grinder)
6 or 7 Mozzarella string cheese sticks
(Or you can use block cheese instead. Just cut it long ways, in sticks about as thick a your finger)
Marinara or spaghetti sauce (or other favorite dipping sauce)
2 eggs
1 cup milk
2 cups Bread crumbs (or toasted bread if you have a food processor.)
1/2 cup flour
1/4 cup corn meal
Seasonings (I used the following...)
2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp Black pepper
1 tsp lemon pepper
1 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp cilantro
1/2 tsp parsley
1/2 tsp basil
1/8 tsp salt
oil for frying


Plastic wrap
wax paper
baking sheet

Step 2: Preping Your Sticks

1. Season your chicken meat.(optional, i didn't season this batch)
2. Place a handful of chicken on a piece of plastic wrap.
3. Use the plastic to flatten the meat (about 1/4 inch thick) into a rectangular shape.It should be longer 
   than the stick of cheese and wide enough to wrap around it completely. The thinner and smoother the
   meat is, the better your sticks will turn out.
4. Place the stick of cheese on the middle section of one of the long edges.
5. Use plastic wrap to slowly wrap the meat around the cheese.
6. Wrap completely, then use plastic to seal the log together.
7. Fold and seal the meat tightly and evenly at both ends of the stick. when you are done, the meat
    should be covering the piece of cheese evenly and completely. If there are any holes, the cheese
    could leak out while cooking.
8. Place on baking sheet covered with wax paper and put in freezer for at least one hour. This is a good
    Time to place you Marinara sauce in the fridge to have it nice and cold when ready to serve.

Step 3: Breading and Frying

1. Preheat oil to medium/high heat in large cooking pan.
2. Mix bread crumbs, flour, corn meal, and other dry seasonings together in large mixing pan.
3  Mix Eggs and milk together in another larger mixing pan.
4. Roll your frozen chicken stick in  the dry mix until it is lightly coated with flour.
   (I remove the sticks from the freezer one at a time as I bread and fry them, This will help to keep
    them good and solid while breading and cooking each batch. If the meat thaws, it becomes harder
    to work with.)
5. Roll the  in the egg mixture until covered evenly
6. Roll the egg covered stick in the breading. you can pat breading on top of it to help it stick better.
7. Repeat parts 5 and 6 until your stick has be fully coated in both mixtures twice. By know it should
    be covered evenly and completely.
8. Place breaded stick into hot oil and cook on both sides until golden brown.
9. Place on paper towels to soak up excess grease, then let cool for a couple minutes before serving
   with you chilled marinara sauce.

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    28 Discussions

    I tried these, and they never quiet got crispy on the outside, and the chicken really dried out. Any idea where I might have gone wrong?

    1 reply

    I don't know. Maybe try a different thickness with the meat. And make sure your oil is nice and hot first. Other than that, I'm not really sure. Maybe you could experiment with another type of breading, like Panko or something. Hope that helps


    4 years ago

    I try it

    We tried this last night. First off i've never used ground chicken before and it was rather interesting. To us it did need to be flavored so i added Italian seasoning and chicken seasoning. Next time we'll nicks the italian seasoning it made it taste too much like Italian sausage. The only real part of the recipe we didn't like was the corn meal, it made for odd little too hard bits in the breading. Other than that my big suggestion to everyone is don't use off-brand cheese sticks. They were flavorless :( Other than that this was a big hit for my husband and I!!! Thank you for the new and interesting dinner (or snack). I wonder, have you tried freezing and reheating them? 


    2 replies

    more like Italian meatballs, (if you use Peccorino Romano cheese and flat leaf parsley in the crumbs with the "Italian Seasoning"). Plain Italian sausage is pork/salt/pepper/red wine/anise seeds(optional). For hot sausage add lotsa sweet paprika and hot pepper flakes as well.

    use fine corn flour, not meal for less hard bits. Also can add crushed almonds to the outer crust.

    I have not tried to freeze or reheat them. They don't usually last that long,

    Although from the same botanical family ( Apiaceae) Cilantro is as different in flavour from Parsley, as chalk is from cheese.
    Cilantro (also called Coriander) has a strong, intense, almost citrus-like flavour. Parsley has a mild, grassy taste.

    1 reply

    I don't know who you are... or where you live... but I would eat your saturated fats forever.
    Seriously, this sounds choice. I am so making these for my next beer buddy night. I figure make them, into the freezer, get them out and double crumb, then on a plate covered with plastic wrap in the fridge until needed. This'll set the crumbs and should keep them cold enough to not fall apart. And it means I can sit and have a couple beers too before dealing with the hot oil. Haha that'll be fun.

    1 reply

    Well... I am the man with a plan, I live in badazzington, California. and those were the word I used to win over the love of my life(She is a very special lady). Seriously though, everyone seems to like the idea of freezing them after breading. I'm going to give it a try next time, maybe you should too. thanks for the interest.

    Excellent technique! I think you need less pepper, but over all it is a very nice recipe.

    You can change the seasonings to be Italian or Greek etc , if you also change the cheeses!

    I humbly suggest you could bread them return them to freezer to freeze coating on as well. then do a huge batch ready for that next party etc.


    2 replies

    Cilantro [Asian/Spanish] Parsley & Flat Leaf [Italian] Parsley....?? Seems to contradict each other. Cilantro has a stronger flavor that the Italian which is sweeter...I would use on one of the parsley's. Just my 2 cents. Great Instructable. Will try it this week.

    1 reply

    All I can say is ..."OUTSTANDING" ...this is how you play with food :-D

    I love your recipes! This one looks delicious! thanks for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day! When I try it I will come back and say and it was gooooood!

    2 replies

    Gee thanks. I really enjoy sharing my tasty ideas with everyone here, hope you like this one. It's kind of late right now, but i promise to have a splendoruos day, all day long tomorrow.


    Awesome! By the way I appreciate your humor. I love that picture!
    Have a splendorous week!