Mustache Wax




Introduction: Mustache Wax

Admit it, you couldn't wait to grow a mustache. But now, everyone and their mother has one. How are you supposed to stand out in a crowd.

That's right! Mustache wax!

Step 1: Basic Formula

Once you grow a mustache you're going to need a soft pliable wax to shape it. That means adding oil to wax until you get the consistency you like.

I chose a 2:1 ratio of wax to oil.

I'm using beeswax and coconut oil. Together they smell great and what better to stick right under your nose.

Step 2: Melting

Measure out the wax and oil.

I weighed out 2 ounces of wax and 1 ounce of coconut oil. This will keep your mustache happy for a long time.

Add everything to your melting pot. This could be anything really, just know that if you melt wax in a container, it's kinda there forever. It's good to have dedicated equipment for wax.

Melt your wax on the stove or in the microwave and mix well. A double boiler is recommended if you are using the stove.

CAUTION: Hot wax will burn you! Be careful!

Step 3: Pouring

My first batch I poured into little round containers but I found that it was hard to remove unless you had a long fingernail. I've decide to use lip balm tubes to make it easier to get to.

Carefully pour the melted wax into the tubes. Allow them to solidify.

Step 4: It's Time!

Go find a mirror. Scrape a piece of wax off and hold it in between your thumb and index finger to warm it up and soften it. Work it into your mustache and shape at will.

If you find the wax too soft, add more beeswax to the formula, too hard, add more oil. The longer your mustache grows the more strength (wax) you'll need to keep it standing at attention.

Go enjoy your mustache and prepare to be noticed.

Don't' Fear the Beard, Mind the Mustache.

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    12 Discussions

    Sadly, I cannot grow a mustache!

    Coconut oil is unusual in that it sets up at room temperature naturally. Jarred as shown, it looks like vegetable shortening (crisco). But it is considered oil :).

    Congratulations on being a finalist in the Hair and make-up
    contest!Best of luck to you!

    Looks great!

    Ever try putting color, glitter, or glow-in-the-dark stuff in your mustache wax? That could be a great addition for parties or Halloween.

    1 reply

    I was hoping someone would do an instructable about facial hair for the beauty contest!

    What I have found in stores leaves me with a whitish dusty appearance. Thanks for the simple recipe.

    something for all the men xD

    Nice. I have searched, since I began growing my 'stache. You just can't find this stuff in stores. I've been suffering with some stuff I found that is way too soft.

    Can't shape it at all, and it's barely adequate to keep it out of my mouth.

    Next stop: Farmer's market for some beeswax. I'm 'a try this!