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About: I am an arts and crafts teacher in a secondary school in the Netherlands. ( I love making things. Especially out of nothing, worthless materials, garbage and cheap stuff. Besides that I...

Here I show off my longboard skates I've made. All of them we're made without epoxy (I don't like the stuff). Only with D4 wood glue.
The Zeppelin pintail is my daily ride for almost a year now and I love carving and dancing with it. The Pink Cat is one I made my daughter of 6. The Barbapapa is my trickboard.
If you've got any questions how I did things don't be shy to ask.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    What is the length of the pintail? I have a pintail-ish board that I made from stock five-ply cut fairly narrow to give it a little bounce. However, I am considering making a more standard three-layered design.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    What was your method of make, lamination? Carving?
    I'm planning on making one so I'm looking at different methods.
    What wood was used?
    Thanks :D

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    Dave AKryptonite

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    For the pintail I just used 2x6mm birch plywood (first quality) which I glued together with polyurethane glue. Then, every 2 or 3 cm distance around the outline which I drew on the plywood, clammed the plates together with screws. The curve (camber) I became by putting enough weight on the underside at 1/3th from the front, with two blocks of wood at each end to let it bend when the glue dried. You can find a very good instruction of the method here:

    The other ones where glued almost the same. With the "barbatruuk" I used three layers plywood of 4mm, of which one was birch and the up, and undersides oak.
    As a mold I just used a big plank on which I screw timber blocks at the ends for nose and tail, end two little curved battens at the sides for concave. I pressed it with a big block of wood in the middle with some big clamps.

    However I said I didn't like epoxy I came back from that and nowadays I work with it, even did some boards with vaccuumforming. To the above boards, apart from the cat, I added a layer of glassfiber and epoxy on the bottom but it isn't nescesary for a nice board.

    Let me know if you stil have questions and don't hesitate to show what you've made in the end.

    KryptoniteDave A

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! It should be a couple months before it's done; for now I have yet to source the material though I think it should work out ok; I'm doing it in a wood tech class at high school so I've got a fair bit of help with this.

    You mean how I learned?
    Well I used the thoothless method. with the screws and weight on it. The board is made of two 6mm birch plywood with PU D4 glue.  With quite some camber. It shows almost no failure after almost a year good using.  Its even still very bouncy. I say almost no failure because I noticed  some splintering on the underside lately. Don't know if thats bruising from curbs or the upper fineer is delaminating but it is certainly no delaminating of my glueing.

    If you meant what I've learned concerning the skating. Well, I'm not much of a tricker and usually use the board for distances and fun cruising. I've learned some crosstepping, pirouettes and other small stuff though.

    well i mean usually you learn on a storebought board and THEN start making homades but what it seems like is you made a homade and THEN learned on it?

    Yes, that's exactly what I did. I usually make stuff, that looks fun but that's quite expensive,  first and sometimes buy one later (but usually not, while my homemades function good enough). I now busy with a Kitewing, planning to cast my trucks and I have plans for making a CNC router. All to expensive to buy but with time do-able to make.