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What on this world would be more secret than Ninja´s Gear?? If you are an enthusiastic Fan of the ninja World then this Instructable is for you. In order to solve all the mess with my weaponry all around my house, I decide to sacrifice my little Library Cabinet and make a place when my growing Ninja weaponry would be displayed.Hope you like it. Don´t be shy..leave some comment.

Step 1: Rising Sun Door Shield.

First of all I got to make the shield door of my Armory, and what better that a Rising Sun.In my shop I`ve got an aluminiun sheet and sincerly I didn´t know what the heck does with that.I just masked like light beams, and paint in Black.


The first issue to solve was to sacrifice My little Library In order to display my awesome Ninja Armory.Anyway the decition was made.


I really love the Ninja Stuff and all the gear. I made a pair of Sai , just for practicing. Nunchakus.Kusarigama.Iron flail, Throwing Axe. Littles shurikens.But is a work in process. I made too a Pair of Tonfas in order to practice Martial Arts with my Ten Year old Son.All the Wood working was made with my Machete.

I Hope You liked it Rated and vote.



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    Cool armoury love the hidden wall, you realise though that most of the weaponry isn't "ninja" gotta love hollywood dramatisations, sadly theirs little evidence that ninja existed in any organised form at any time but there were groups of outlaws in japan and china who used similar weapons to those above.

    Sai are egyptian dueling weapons are are horrible to use against anyone who knows how to fight, its like using a fork against a longsword.

    Tonfa's original name is mae sun sawk, which is Taiwanese and is a very cool weapon to learn, there are some very detailed teaching books on their original name.

    Nun-chucks are a a traditional Okinawan martial arts and were only used the nobles as a display art never as a weapon used in real combat.

    The flail is the western version the japanese/chinese version is spiked

    Love the Kusarigama did you make it yourself?

    ninja weapons off the top of my head, these actually existed in the time period that the "ninja" were around and are all made from available materials for the time period.

    Ashiko (spiked claws), Bow (generally Short, long was uncommon but not unheard of) Chigiriki (very cool weapon), Darts or Fukiya, Hanbo (concealed sword) Naginata or Jute (long bladed staff) Kama, Neko-TE (finger knives), Kyoketsu-Shogei (knive attached to rope or chain) Ono (battleaxe) Tessen (battle fan) Yari (spear usally with hidden chain or knife) and Kunai (throwing knife)

    A Note on swords, Ninja swords are very crude usually just a sharpened piece of steel with a cloth wrapped handle, Sword in chinese/japanese culture are considered status symbols and only the very rich could afford them.

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    Actually, friend, Japanese Sai were originally used as farming tools. They were used to plant rice, since rice needs to be a certain amount of space beneath the ground to flourish properly. They would typically be used to pierce the ground in order to plant the seeds. They were adapted because under samurai rule, peasants were not allowed to possess edged weapons under penalty of death. Yet samurai would often raid or attack villages, so the villagers adapted the existing tools they had available to be used as weapons to defend themselves. There is definitely an art to using Sais properly, and I recommend taking a closer look into it before you pass judgement on their practicality as a means of defending yourself against a trained attacker. It can be used to great advantage when in the right hands. As you might see in this short video, it can be used both offensively and defensively:

    Mr Sanchez You Have the best Instructable Ive seen today. Thanks!

    that's a great way to stow your weapons. I like the "Rising Sun" as it lends a respectfully traditional aspect, although I may cut a "punisher " stencil and work on a creative way to interweave and paint the cover. Well done.

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    Jummmm...Punisher...that sounds great. Thanks for your comment.

    Cool man if I did not live in an apartment I would totally make that.

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    Well...I live in a tiny apartment...with holes in their walls. Let me share that in those holes or stands My father kept my collection of tiny cars.